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It's basically a roguelike, which is pretty cool

  • fugama86
  • 11/12/2016 10:15 AM
The Good: The methods used in party creation are pretty unique. By starting out pretty instantly in combat you find yourself scrapping through town and picking up 2 allies on the way. The hard limits on MP make you have to think more about your next moves, and the opposing attacks are a surprisingly credible threat while never feeling too overpowering. This is especially true if you go out of your way to kill all the overmap enemies who come before you, though slaying them ALL is not so much a requirement based on your team comp and decision making abilities. The mapping choices are pretty decent looking, nothing ever feels plain, but more importantly it doesn't feel too busy either. Combine all this with a randomized starting class and you have a pretty fun experience that really cashes in for the sense of replayability and solid combat encounters.

The Bad: It's a little TOO short, I would have liked to see a few more enemy types from this game, and perhaps the ability to save would be nice even if it was deleted at the end of the playthrough, just so the player could close it in the case of having to leave the game alone.

The Ugly: The main part that is frustrating in the degree of the dark tint. Very frequently upon moving from map to map I found myself in a paused state of trying to figure out where I ended up If there was a way to clear the tint from the player's character or perhaps even a small radius around them, I think this situation would be fixed. Also there's some points where suddenly you just can't travel backwards. Wanna go back to the forest before entering the dungeon you just found? Too bad, only move forward!


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Thank you for the review. The game being too short I'll take as a compliment, lol. :D I do like the suggestion of adding a small light radius around the player to make it easier to find your character on night-time maps. I'll consider adding that in the next update. :)
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