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This game was made for the "A Halloween Horror" event.

Polixiuhs is a blend of Pacman-style arcade, D&D dungeon crawling and survival horror in which the Player (potentially you) controls Galath, a Sentinel from the Kingdom sent against his will in the Cathedral of Polixiuhs to retrieve an ancient relic known as the Cornucopia. From the surface, the structure seems unimposing, but Galath knows that it is only the entrance to a colossal underground complex. It is populated by previous fighters who tried to claim the treasures of the cathedral for themselves, but in the end were corrupted by the wicked influence of Polixiuhs.

As the Player travels through the underground maze, he will have to face the disconcerting atmosphere of the claustrophobic tunnels, the apprehension of facing vicious dungeon dwellers and the unnerving difficulty of a game which seems to be actively working against him.

Given that the plot of the game is not delivered in a standard RPG fashion, no more will be said.


The game features reworked 8-bit graphics and heavily edited sound collages taken from music that may or may not be copyrighted.
It should be reasonably unrecognizable by youtube.

The themes from the event:

Well the first category is so f**king vague I really could justify any of these:
- Mysterious Present
- Broken Future
- Hopeless Tomorrow
- Forgotten Past

I dare you to disagree.

And includes:
- Demonic Possession
- Iron Sword
- Golden Key

(Was supposed to include the poisoned cup, but eh not enough time)

Inspirations for the game include Pacman, Castlevania, Legend of Zelda games and Polybius. And Pony Island.

Given the 8-bit aesthetic, there may be flashing lights though not many, but you have been warned. No triggering content like rape or excessive violence.

Ḋ̫̤̭̭̲͈̱Ò̴̫̳̱̣͌̿Nͦ̒T͑̾ͤͣ͋ ̊̆̃P̠͇͍͕ͭL̷̫̺͓̙̩̞̳̿Ǎ̔̄̚͞Y͎͓̘ͮ̃ͤ̽̏͝ ͙̗̿̆͊̂̐͋͆T̫̯̩̩̻̪̃ͤ̉͛H̡͙͚͚̰̘͆̈̋͐ͅI̺̰̮̖̺̘̞ͪ̃̕Ṡ̹̰̮͇̻̭͓͗̄͛̾̿̌ ̤̩̘̖̫̠̕G̫̓̇͋͐A͑̂́ͤͫ̚̚͢M͍̙̤̤͎̫̈́͋ͭE̞͙̙̜ͯͦͅ ͈͇̝͚̰́̒ͣ̀̋Ẅ̰̪͉͙͙H̞̰̭A̋̓ͣͫ̓̌́͏̪̱͚͔T̫̘͙͇͓͈̾̒̀ͅE̞̯͓̒V̝͓̻͓̫̗ͣḚ̲̱̬̎ͣͦ̀̉R̯̗̯̟̜͖̙̉͆͞ ͖̬̜͕̮͚̑̋̅͛ͨY̖̹̘̠̋ͭ̅̿͝Oͦ̃̄̈ͥ̆͗Ů̔ͅ ̬ͯD̼͇̹͚͉͚O͙͠ ͔ͭD̞̦̦̹̯̳͚ͥ͋̊̑͒͛͑Ö̪̦͕͖̰̗̞̃N̩̗̻̩̟͚͎Ṭ ̥̖ͣ͆̔ͮ̈̾̃Ṕ͇͉̫̦͚͈̍̎ͯ̚͟L̷͚̖̪̠̭͙͋̈́̈Aͬ͋҉̙̼̲̟̞̘͇Y̝ ̨ͫŤ̟̪͍͕͌̌̀ͩͧͩH̤̔̅̑ͯͤ̽͞Í̙̩̖̯͈ͅS̲̻͓ͥ͑͋̓̒͐̅͘ ̰̩̦͍̣͕͖͘G͖̤̜̯̥̫̫̽̔̋̒͝A̙ͦM̡̦̖͙̄̊͛̉͛E̥̘̰͍͕̻͎̓ͭ


Latest Blog

Polixiuhs: Directors Cut; Collector's Edition

Alright, this is a final release unless there are other glaring problems.
Didn't find any bugs, I did a bit of cleanup with dialogs and some missing animations.

The download link has been updated.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

  • Completed
  • Superstroke
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • RPG
  • 10/11/2016 10:48 PM
  • 11/19/2018 05:04 PM
  • 10/30/2016
  • 27475
  • 31
  • 509


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I go to download it but it takes me back to the game's homepage.. help?

~Kat ❣
Okay I downloaded it n finished it in one sitting. I don't think the game was too hard but maybe it's because I got to experience the despair game on here (forgot the title but you could go limp n all n iirc there were no saves) I think the difficulty n creepiness level was good actually. Unlike that game I mentioned, I actually stuck with this till the end n managed to figure out the final codex pretty quickly.
Nice game tho the very last dungeon was a bit repetitive, didn't see any point to it being so big. Also the ending was a bit too abrupt. Other than that, I enjoyed it.
Dude this game looks epic! Downloading now!
This is honestly one of my most favorite games I've played on rmn! Imo, this is truly a dev's game; a lot of the gameplay gets really fun down the line, it requires patience, but once you get there you really enjoy it, especially as a rpgmaker dev. I truly do like this game a lot, I think art and the technical skill is inspiring. Thank you for making this game. c:
Did someone say dungeon crawler? Dungeoncrawler!
Oh well .. I still have other things on my plate and I will get to them at unknown times haha. So we shall see :)
Did you end up finishing the game Liberty?

Not yet. I have been busy but I'm gonna tackle it when I have some free time that isn't taken up with mapping/streaming/sleeping. XD
I used resource hacker to change the icon hence why it might tag both exe as harmful (the backup exe was also created by resource hacker). If you're worried, copy all content of the game but the exes into a blank official rm project, it should still work.
Norton 360, which is usually pretty chill about rpgmaker games, tagged both exe files for this one as network threats. Is there anything in the game that might have caused this or could the download have possibly picked up something unwanted?
This looks interesting! I shall try it out sometime when I have the time.
Did you end up finishing the game Liberty?
It's fine, don't worry. The game doesn't affect your computer (hence why if you close the game and restart it will act like certain things haven't occurred yet), just has variables and the like within the program to check on things and give it the feel of affecting the computer. >.<)b
Look, I'm not saying I think the game is real and Polixiuhs is in my computer watching me. That's stupid. I also don't assume Candyman lives in my mirror and it trying to get me. Doesn't mean I'll say his name three times soon. Playin' it safe!
Polixiuhs 2: Polixiuhs Friends Your Mom on Facebook sounds absolutely terrifying though.
You're magical to me.
Haha, I didn't think so. XD Still, a nice scare.
It doesn't this is the official RM, I didn't use DynRPG.
You're magical to me.
Ah, thank you. Tried that before, took a second time to get it right. Gawd, thanks for making the world an even scarier place for me, I deleted all the files I could find and ran Ccleaner once I finished, still worried I might have a copy remaining somewhere. Looking forward to Polixiuhs 2: Polixiuhs Friends Your Mom on Facebook.

Wait, does the game really screw with your computer? XD;
Ah, thank you. Tried that before, took a second time to get it right. Gawd, thanks for making the world an even scarier place for me, I deleted all the files I could find and ran Ccleaner once I finished, still worried I might have a copy remaining somewhere. Looking forward to Polixiuhs 2: Polixiuhs Friends Your Mom on Facebook.
You're magical to me.
I'm impressed Unity, good job, I didn't know if it was reasonable enough that it was possible to finish (for someone else than the creator).

Thanks! ^_^ Sure, I'd love to give my feedback!

It's a game that very much plays by its own rules, which seems very oppressive and unfair at first, but then the codices slowly turn the tables for you. Unlocking the ability to save, which seems like a standard, becomes an awesome reward when you find it, and the other codex powers are cool, too!

The enemies are an interesting case. Generally, I'd find a random number element to be a detriment (the random number element being, of course, the roll of the dice to survive enemy encounters) but given that its a possible way out of a punishment (running into enemies should be avoided at all costs in this game) it works and adds to the tension.

And the enemies themselves follow a particular pattern, and once you know this and know how to hide and wait around intersections, death becomes a lot easier to avoid. I still felt very apprehensive because I worried that I'd blink and then there'd be a monster before me.

The labyrinth maps were super useful, because if you've gotten all the items from an area they won't show anything, which saves a lot of needless wandering around. Once you get the Torch Switch codex, you can illuminate the whole area for a bit to get your bearings and then exploration becomes much easier.

You have to really explore all the areas in some detail to find the way to the last (well, actually second-to-last) codex, the Disrupt one, so it really felt rewarding to find it. I was super confused about what to do with it, though, as I wandered around the dungeons using it in different places, to no avail. I checked back on this page and saw the hint you gave another player, and rewatched the intro.

At first I thought the old man's warning about a poor man versus a rich man meant that I had to get rid of all my gold in the main game, but then I watched the intro a second time and it clicked: I knew when to use the codex. Using it was one of those "Oooooh!" moments in video games where you feel smart for figuring it out, and it felt like you were seeing something you "weren't supposed to" which just feels awesome. It was also cool to see some final dungeon delving still stood between you and victory at that point.

If I have one complaint, it's a small one: I suppose it was that I was expecting some further dialog between you and the antagonist during the game after he told you not to fuck with him. However, this is pretty minor, as the game itself feels like an oppressive force throughout the game and figuring ways to get past it was very rewarding.

Games like this often run the risk of feeling like an unfair, brutal slog. This game had the power to make you feel like that and feel oppressed, but, if you peel back the layers, you see the truth, and the most frustrating parts were lessened enough that continuing was possible and not too maddening. Wanting to see each layer peeled back and to find each codex is what drove me and kept me invested in the game!

Absolutely adored the old-school cursed arcade feeling of the game, and the graphics (those glitches in the title screen are super awesome!), sound effects, music and overall presentation just really sold me. I have a feeling that a lot of players will give up on it, but for us stubborn ones, I think there's a ton here to love! (And hey, those who do give up will hopefully have gotten some scary fun with the haunted game's impressive mood at least!)
I'm impressed Unity, good job, I didn't know if it was reasonable enough that it was possible to finish (for someone else than the creator).

I'd be curious of your feedback if you have the time, either by pm or in spoiler tags.

Sooz: It's mainly Sonic Youth actually from that album released this year:

and a bit from... another game which I think you heard if you listened to the files :p
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