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This game is about Jack, a young teenager who gets mad at Nintendo for not releasing any hardcore games. He is transported to a foreign realm where he must escape or be killed by the corrupted inhabitants.
Jack's adventure involves mostly battles and some exploration and puzzles. This is recommended for those who are familiar with the inventory and combat systems.
This game has many laughs for hardcore gamers. If you're a casual gamer...well, not so much. This is just a joke(even though I believe the storyline true) So don't get offended when you kill a soccer mom or beat a violent video game activist.
This is my third RPG Maker game. (The other two got lost when my computer broke) I'm still new to this tool so this game won't be very revolutionary.

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Fix your font DrZoidberg! Check the resource topic in the forums.
I know the font is crappy that's what I'm working on now.
Canceled! I don't know what the f**k I was thinking at the time. I came up with a much better idea.
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