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Back to the Shop. For now.

Hey everyone. 99 is being taken back to the shop for some major redesigns. This game may go in a completely new direction.

So for now, downloads have been temporarily suspended until we figure out where all this is going.

Don't worry, the game'll be back. Follow the game to keep up with our progress. :)

Game Design

Thinking about redesigning whole game...

So... I'm thinking about completely revamping 99 in the next version into essentially a different game.

Ok, right now 99 seems to be in an awkward position. I think it is suffering a pacing problem. It's a very long game. Even with 27 levels it takes a good 10 hours. Essentially, I am thinking of making it a 4-5 hour game, What will happen is basically:
1. Each floor will be designed to take about 10 minutes to complete.
2. There will be stairways that allow players to skip 2 to 3 floor at a time, so in reality the player will only play about 30 floors per "run".
3. More rogue-like elements. Making the dungeon more randomized.

Still toying with the idea...

So if you've played this game, what do you think? Do you think you will like this better? Or do you like the current setup better?


Version 2.5 is ready!

Version 2.5 is online! A lot's been changed in this version.

Due to fundamental changes to much of the system and gameplay rules, 2.5 is NOT COMPATIBLE with previous versions. In fact, it plays much like a different game (maybe I should've called it 3.0).

Change Log 2.5
- Story completely rewritten. Uh, just ignore everything you knew about the Dungeon or Asmodan from the previous versions. They are now no longer true (...or are they?).
- All floors completely revamped, new floors added, some removed.
- Random dialogue feature turned off for now.
- Battle party members increased from 4 to 5.
- New party and recruiting system implemented.
- Off party heroes automatically heal over time. Or can pay healers for instant heal.
- Streamlined opening sequence with starting equipment and items.
- Cancelled No-Save in Hard mode.
- Battle balancing.
- Minor fixes.

So a big change for this update is the party system. Originally the player got a new actor every time an old actor died until he exhausted all the actors on the roster. Now it's changed so the player gets new actors every few floors. Also, actors who are not in the party now heal over time. This is to encourage the player to rotate out members for resting. If necessary, the player can also pay to heal everyone immediately, although this option gets progressively expensive.


Probably better to wait for 2.5 before downloading

OK. So some massive changes are in the works for the next update 2.5.

2.4 is still available for download but I strongly recommend you sub this for now and wait for the 2.5 update, which should be ready...in a week? Maybe.

Anyway, you should probably wait for the following reasons:
- 6 brand new awesome (I think anyway) dungeons, completely better than the old ones cause I have more experience now.
- Many old dungeons re-done AND re-lighted for a new (and better) experience.
- Even more streamlined opening sequence.
- More loot.
- And finally. Lots of bug fixes.


Version 2.4 out! Now the Dungeon has lighting!

It is very important that before you update you SAVE IN TOWN. Do NOT save in the Dungeon in case something was changed.

So this is the first time I've used a lighting system. Am using Terrax's version for MV and I must say it is spectacular! I love it! I only worry that it may increase lag. Well if it's too much do inform me. I am still quite a beginner in lighting but hopefully will get better with experience.

Also added a random dialogue system. There's not much content yet but it should get better with time.

The Merchant class is no more! Ok, well he's not completely gone but rather moved out of the way for now and reserved for a future build. He's been replaced by a Mime class that can copy enemy attacks. This is done to give a better opening experience.

Change Log 2.4
- Implemented Terrax Lighting System.
- Overhauled dialogue system.
- Replaced fifth floor with new content.
- Reordered some floors.
- Merchant class replaced by Mime class.
- Added augments tutorial section.
- Updated Credits.
- Minor fixes.


2.2 and Future Direction of 99

Whew! Lots of updates these days. Made quite a great deal of changes thanks to player feedback. Thanks to all those who played and gave feedback, it was really insightful and makes the game much better.

The next big challenge for 99 is the Story. Okay, I admit it. There is NO story at this point. Originally I thought since this is like a dungeon delving adventure, a story's not that important. And frankly, this will never be a story driven game, and Dungeon Crawling will remain its central facet. But I am thinking of filling in more background lore and maybe do a "slice of life" approach. By that I mean making some of the dungeon floors more quest like with mini self contained stories. Probably. I don't have all the pieces yet but it's most likely going in that direction. The game's still got lots of evolving to do before final form. Stick around.

- All traps can now be detected without the Thief. Instead, the Thief has a chance to neutralize any trap when sprung, still a very useful ability.
- Starting member changed from Thief to Sorcerer.
- Added explanation for augment system.
- Feats now only available for training later in the game.
- Adjusted parts of Fey Clues. Sacrifice now requires 2 deaths.
- Added Masterwork equipment.
- Updated core and relevant plug-ins to RPG Maker 1.3.3.
- Minor fixes.


Update to 2.0

Version 2.0 is now out!

Although all efforts have been made to ensure your save file is playable in the new update, you may experience some weirdness at times. It is recommended you start a new game if you haven't played that much yet.

- Overhauled entire opening sequence and starting team customization.
- Starting team a little more balanced.
- Initial floors less random for better difficulty ramping.
- Changed some cast to better looking people.
- Some semblance of a story added.
- Base town changed to menu form. (Till resolution found for town lag.)
- Tavern replaced by Hall of Heroes. Out of party heroes can now gain experience too with upgrades. Tavern is now for rumors.
- Healing House now heals out of party members as well.
- Instead of bosses at haphazard levels, now at 9 level intervals.
- Players can now swap with 5 out of party members for better strategizing.
- 33 levels reduced to 27 levels (for now) for better pacing. Same with max heroes.
- Thief escape skill changed to Luck buff.
- Adjusted Alchemist and Dragoon classes.
- Casual level parties gain Blessing bonus, making battles much easier.
- No more healing potions in stores to encourage team member swapping.
- Better GUI.


Game Feedback is Important!

Hey guys! Glad to see some of you taking the challenge. A few things that would be a great help when responding:

1. Floors after the 3rd floor are randomized. So if you are stuck and need help please mention the floor name. Also there are two floors 'Frozen Warrens' and 'Ice and Fire' that didn't have names. They've been fixed in ver 1.0.

2. If you meet tough battles, it would be great if you can tell us the team you were using at the time (e.g. Knight, Cleric, Dragoon, Alchemist). So we can better determine how to balance the game.

This game is actually inspired by the sci-fi game X-Com, of all things. :p

Although of course it plays nothing like that game. Rather, we really liked how X-Com simulated the attrition of war: people die, and the general must work with bad gear and limited resources. It is our hope that 99 successfully simulates some of that. We will of course work hard to balance the game as best we can.

Don't be shy. Feedback is welcome!

Progress Report

Update to 1.0

Made some minor updates to the demo and fixed some bugs.


First Demo finished!

Hey guys! After 300+ hours of work (according to Steam), the Demo for 99 is finally out! Some of the 33 dungeons are long, some are short. All in all, I think there's about 10+ hours of gameplay currently.

This is the first build so I am sure there will be some bugs, but hopefully nothing critical. Also since there are so many classes it was hard for us to test out all the combinations so some teams may be unbalanced. If you should meet a battle that's too hard, it would be great if you can also mention the team you're using (champion+class). Appreciate it!

Feel free to comment and critique!
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