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WARNING! This game contains blood and partial nudity. Play at your discretion!

You play as Ari Ezakiya, a young woman with a fatal heart condition who is woken from her cryogenic sleep on board a ship called the Salvation. With limited time left to live, you must explore the ship and its horrors while searching for your husband, Dai, who might still be alive and frozen. With some digging, you'll learn that there's a dark secret about the ship and its deceased crew.

Search the Salvation for secret Chimera Reports and Security Cards armed with only a meager stun rifle. Escape the Salvation for one of three different endings: bad, normal, and true.

This is a project I made in RPG Maker VX Ace a few years back for my wife's birthday. I'm now releasing it freely to the public as part of my YouTube channel, OtakuDaiKun.

Please enjoy!

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