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Lone Star is an action/adventure RPG with traditional RPG combat as well as overworld combat created in RPG Maker 2003.

===The Plot===
Lone Star takes place in the far-flung, sunbaked desert country of Diamondback. Nationwide, sheriffs struggle to maintain civil order and protect the public from all manner of vicious outlaws and wicked folk. Elmer Hudson is a 16 year old sheriff-in-training, who is forced to become a runaway after he was found guilty of a freak accident. Fleeing his quiet home in Bulk Rock City, Elmer is forced to cut ties with his old friends and strive to still bring criminals to justice despite living as a convict himself. Holding his gun shakily and footsteps full of uncertainty, he ventures into the chaotic wasteland alone...

- Enemies can be shot on the overworld, weakening them for a regular battle or outright defeating them without entering a fight.
- Running on the overworld lowers your stamina, so it's important to know when you're outmatched. It also plays into certain boss encounters.
- Minigame-esque bosses. Ducking into cover at the right time or trying to outrun them will usually precede a regular RPG fight.
- Each town will come with a bounty to hunt, requiring the player to search for clues and track down the outlaw for a huge cash reward.
- Party members have unique optional cutscenes that permanently boost their stats if triggered.
- A few optional sidequests.

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This is wicked!

So is THIS!!(I love how he holds his hat while running!!!)

Guys, keep your eyes peeled on Hogwash. We got a rpgmaker superstar among us. ;)
ahhhhh! that is so incredibly kind of you, thanks!!
The combat looks really fun, and I haven't seen too many rpgs set in desert/western places. d(^^ )
This looks amazing.

thank you!!

The combat looks really fun, and I haven't seen too many rpgs set in desert/western places. d(^^ )

i'm so glad you think so! i'd really like my game to be fun and replayable above all else without sacrificing the story in the process. and yeah, i like hot colors! so a desert/western was a perfect fit
Art style is fantastic you've just earned a sub.
Nice art, beautiful-looking gameplay- I'm subbed.
Randomly saw this, game looks sick.
Randomly saw this, game looks sick.

thank you very much! i'm not interested in continuing to work on it anymore, at least for the time being, though. sorry! :-(
Pour one out for Elmer........ I'm sad to see it go, Hog, but I look forward to the other stuff you are gonna make!
He lives on in Shooty and the Catfish now... RIP...
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