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I decided to make a little strategy guide for those of you who may be having a bit of trouble with "Path of Justice"

I will not cover all of the levels, just the ones I believe are the hardest. If there is not a level covered here and you want it to be, just ask.

General Strategy For All Levels:
Do not grab a power gem when an enemy is nearby (unless its the last one in the level), it's too dangerous and you'll probably end up getting hit. This game require quick reaction time, do not dilly dally around looking for power gems or enemies, the enemies will get to you pretty quickly. I understand this game is difficult (I KNOW it is, I still lose sometimes and I made it!), but with patience and determination, it can be beaten.

World 1-3:
Not too difficult, but before grabbing the power gems in the center on the stage (the ones surrounded by tree stumps) wait until there are no slimes in there.

World 1 BOSS
Probably a little too difficult for the first boss I know, but if you have quick reaction time then it's not too hard. The only thing you need to know is: when jumping across to grab the power gem, do NOT turn around and attempt to jump back into the ring using the same location you jumped out of; the bat WILL get you. Simply continue running forward and use the next jump.

World 2-2:
The ninja enemies move kinda fast on this level, so if they are near, it's best to lure them away from the power gems before collecting them. Two of the power gems are hidden behind the heads of the statues on both sides of the center house, you can only see the sparkle coming off of them. Do not panic if all of the ninjas begin to close in on you, remain calm and make a quick dash past one of them.

World 2-3:
The first stage with a phasing bat (all of the bat enemies in this game phase through everything). This stage has ice that the character slides on, so be wary of this. Make sure the bat is a good distance away before attempting to grab the power gems located in the narrow passage at the top and bottom of the stage. This is definitely one of the stage where you should always try to keep the enemies away from the power gems you try to collect.

World 2 BOSS:
Not too difficult. Just don't try to grab more than one power gem in between his kunai throws, especially when he's down to one piece of health (the kunai get faster then).

World 3-2:
Another stage that contains phasing bats. The good part is that they are the only monsters in the stage, the bad part is there are two of them. Simply put, if they overlap one another, getting hit will take away two pieces of health. The key to beating this stage is to never stop running. Seriously stopping for just a second could cost you. And again, try to collect power gems that are far away from the bats as much as possible.

World 3-3:
This is actually one stage where you can stand idly and not get hit, only in certain places of course. If you get hit by the flaming skulls, you'll be transported back to the center of the stage (where you can't get hurt) so rest easy if you end up screwing up there. All of the power gems are located in each of the four separate rooms, which are accessing by the jumping arrows on the outer rim of the rooms. The two more difficult rooms are the bottom two. For the bottom left, keep the soldier away from you, or simply lure him to the other side of the fountain. For the bottom right, simply lure the soldier from the upper section of the room to the bottom, this will allow you to collect the gems with much more ease; I suggest taking on the bottom right room last.

World 3 BOSS:
Yeah, I know. This boss is hella hard. So here's how to beat it. Each room changes every time you hit Jezudan. For the first room, at the start of the stage and after each hit you deal to him, jump out at the very start. If you do this, the flaming skulls won't have a chance to block your jumping arrow and force you to sacrifice a piece of health. For the second room, jump across when the outermost bats are clear of your movement, and dash for the center of the room. While standing there, you can't be hit, simply wait for the path to be clear again and make a dash for it. When the barrels appear, you can still stand on the edge of the ones in the center and not be hit. For the third room, with the alternating floor spikes, there is a something you have to take to mind. Each spike that is currently activated won't be activated next time (with the next set that activate, thus you can say they alternate). Make sure you stop on one that was activated with the previous set when the next set activates, or you will get hit. Once you finally reach Jezudan in the top room, your safe; he doesn't attack you, he simply runs around and all you must do is hit him.

World 4-1:
This stage can be difficult for two reasons: the alternating rocks and the four power gems in each narrow passage. The key is to grab the ones in the narrow passages while the pigs are far from the entrance of the passage, that way you won't get trapped inside and die. As for the alternating rocks, make sure they don't trap you in an area full on pigs; if they do try to avoid them until the rocks disappear.

World 4-2:
Probably one of the hardest stages in the game due to the speed of the enemies. They run as fast as you do, just at a lower frequency. The way to win is to just keep running. If there is an enemy in front of you try to take another path if it is clear. NEVER try to collect all the power gems in one section of the stage at once, you will get killed.

World 4-3:
This stage also has a phasing bat, only one though. In order to win, do don't be distracted by all of the moving stones and be careful when running past the spikes. I suggest collecting the power gems in the bottom left and top right areas first (the ones guarded by the moving spikes), and collecting the ones in the middle of the long chain of rocks last. It is easy to get trapped in the center, if possible make sure there are no goblins in the center when you are; the bat will follow you, though, no way around that.

World 4 BOSS:
Welcome to Hell, meaning this boss. He moves as fast as you, not a speed or frequency lower. To top it off, he's got two lizard men to help him. They often are you downfall when they corner you. The key to winning to never stop running if the Dragon is on you tail. Every 20 steps, the Dragon is programmed to move backwards one step, so this is an attempt to make him avoidable. One good thing about him though is the obstacles. If he gets stuck behind one, he will not make an attempt to move around it (unless you move a far enough distance in another direction). Try to collect all the power gems in the four corners at once, just make sure one of the lizard men aren't near. One good idea is to lure the lizard men away from the Dragon once you've turned him to stone (once you've collected all the power gems and before you've hit him).

World 5-1:
The easiest way to beat this stage is to lure both golems to either side of the stage while you collect the power gems in the opposite side. That's really it. Also, be careful when crossing the mine cart tracks, since they travel pretty fast.

World 5-2:
Another stage with phasing bats. Before flipping the switch, collect the power gems in the entire area. Once you do hit the switch, you will have only 4 seconds until the path becomes blocked again. To avoid getting hit, flip the switch and wait in the center of the stage for the spikes to reappear. When they do, hit the switch in the center immediately and continue onward to the other area. I suggest collecting the power gems in the middle last.

World 5-3:
Not as difficult as the previous stage, in my opinion. Yes the enemies are fast, but there are only three of them. Your best bet in the lure them away. Also, be careful to avoid the spikes. They alternate every second.

World 5 BOSS:
Yes. This boss is also extremely hard. You will mainly have trouble with this boss because of the screen; it constantly fades to black and white. Besides that, the spirits flying around will damage you if you dilly dally in their path too long. Every time you hit death he changes. The first time you hit him, three of his clones will join him. After collecting all of the power gems, he will freeze but his clones will not. Lure them away from death before you go to strike him. When he is down to one piece of health, his clones will disappear but he will turn invisible. Every couple of seconds you will hear a heartbeat and he will reappear for a brief moment, giving you a hint about his location. Basically, do not panic and, more importantly, be aware of the dashing spirits.

Welcome to the final boss, Sabre, the owner of the Tower of Darkness. This stage also has flying spirits in multiple location. The more you hit Sabre, the fast they get. Saber is just as fast as you, only at a lower frequency. If Sabre is close, run around the edge of the stage (the path next to the spirit's path) to lure him away from the gems. Be careful if you attempt to go past the spirits and Sabre is close, you may panic and get hit.

Probably the hardest boss of them all, simply because of your limited moving range. The two spirits will constantly follow you, they are pretty slow though, but you movement range still makes it difficult. On Sabre Omega's last piece of health, the spirits speed up and his fire alternates quicker. The fire's shortened time, though, makes it a tad bit easier. Try not to get trapped by the spirits, as well. One final note: when you've collected all the power gems, move fight in front of Sabre's core, but let the the spirits get close to you before you strike it. Once you do, you will fly back (putting the spirits a good distance away from you). Once you beat him, sit back and enjoy the credits!