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almost all objects found in this game can be interacted with
Character commentary on certain objects may even change as events unfold.

This game was made for the Halloween Horror event in a little over a week.
If you have problems with the game freezing or lagging, please press F1 then uncheck Smooth Mode.

A man returns, alone, to the village where he grew up. The atmosphere is strange, and the village, empty. The street lamps are dark, their fuses blown (and definitely not because there wasn't enough time for a certain person to fully implement any fancy lighting scripts). The school's doors are unlocked, and textbooks lie abandoned upon wooden desks. What could have happened in the years that he'd gone? And what was that shadow that he saw in the corner of his eye?

There are no chase scenes or jumpscares, only a story that serves as the main vehicle for horror. The story plays out in scenes, triggered by the player going to certain locations and interacting with specific objects. Because of this, the game plays somewhat like a VN.

Chosen Themes (for the event)
Warning: will contain spoilery content.
Forgotten Past/Twisted Memories, Blood-Stained Wedding Dress and Empty Picture Frame

You cannot save, because you cannot die, and the game is too short to warrant saving anyway.

Latest Blog

Game Complete!

Some way or another, I made it xD

If you downloaded the game before this blog post was made, please redownload-- I had to add a thing or two to comply with contest regulation stuffs.
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  • 10/23/2016 03:17 PM
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  • 10/30/2016
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Coolio~ My waifu is best waifu!

(she said she'd kill me if I didn't say that ;.; )
I have the feeling that it's only a half of the Story.
It feels to incomplete.
Jack of Most Trades
Spoilers ahead! This game is so short that anything I say about it's going to be a spoiler, but these are going to pretty much spoil the entire game. Anyway, here we go!

Thank you for taking the time to play this game! What part of it feels that way- feels incomplete? Though admittedly, you do only see half the story.

You see the man's half, and he never badmouths his wife. The entire tone of the game is set by the gap between the dialogue- how highly the man praises his wife- and the events. Perhaps you only felt like you were told half the story because you were told only half of the story. You saw the other half, the other half is the wife's actions, which are implied and never explained.

And as for resolution--

The game is very short, and nothing changes. I had hoped to give "resolution" by having the story goes full circle. You start out the game walking down the stairs to sneak away from your wife, and you end up walking down the stairs, again, but this time into the arms of your wife, having forgotten everything that's been revealed after she knocked you out. The story is told only partially because the rest is up to the player to infer. It's entirely possible to rush through this game in, say, 2-3 minutes or so. But the actual 'story' is never explicitly told.

i beated it in 5-10 minutes. anyway that was interesting experience....
Jack of Most Trades
i beated it in 5-10 minutes. anyway that was interesting experience....

Yup, the game should be about that length! It's a pretty short game, hence the lack of a saving system. I thought including it would break from immersion anyway.

Glad you found it interesting ^^
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