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Progress Report

1.1 version now online!

Yep that's right, 1.1 not 1.0b.

Change list:
- Redesigned Garden (It's 3th floor, no cliffs plx)
- Simple but custom title screen added
- Some info added and several bug fixes.
- Added Mjshi's non-combat menu script.
- And the step to 1.1, several grammar fixes by Kylaila.

Option of Unencrypted .rar also available now. ^^

Progress Report

Version 1.0b in progress

So, despite the couple of play-tests, there was a handful of bugs that endured over.

Fixings are currently on the works, and the 1.0b should arrive shortly.

There's a list of now known bugs.

- The Storage door (which lead to workshop) can only be used once due a self switch problem. Be sure to do everything you need on those rooms before going back to the hall.
- The 'Hide n' seek' mechanic circles may appear before the sequence starts. Touching those, while out of the sequence, will crash the game due movement problems. (Cause still unknown.)
- In both room name and Marina's diary, the Ritova's daughter is called by the old name Cathleen, while in the others, called as Annie.
- Janne diary names "Iria" instead of "Iris"
- The Workshop door is referred as jammed, instead of blocked.
- A few "direction FIX" are missing.

Some more general info, and a few English fixes should come with it, based on the stream.
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