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Genre: Medieval Fantasy/ Adventure / Dating
Version: Alpha
Started in em: may 2016
Engine: Rpg Maker MV and Unity


Hello everyone! I'm here to show you the game project I am working on.
Me and a friend are working in this game in Unity now, but I started it in RPGMaker MV and still use it to test some scenes, dialogues, and scenarios.

The game are still in an alpha version, we have only the base of the battle system, but we want to make a demo version as soon as possible.

A mysterious figure: the Wind Traveler. Many talk about him, but no one knows for sure if he still exists. In this world where it is necessary to fight to survive, Dark Elves, that were apparently extinct, are reappearing. Will the conflict from a long time ago happen again?
Embark on an adventure to unveil the mysteries of the lands of Yrunia.

Character CreationThe player can create your character, choose your race, name and initial class.



Class progression:

The player can specialize in a style of combat that pleases him.
Starting from Aventurer the player can progress to Squire, Archer or Rogue.
Starting from Student the player can progress to Healer, Mage or Professor.

The Classes does not only affect your battle skills, they also bring you benefits for exploring the world, such as the Adventurer's Analyze ability, which allows you to get items from interest points, or the Student Intensify Skill, which enhances the effects of consumable items.

Gathering e Crafting:

Nature and creatures will provide materials and ingredient items for the player. You can sell them or use them to make top quality items or equipment.

Relationship (Waifus & Husbandos):

The village is full of amazing people. You can get to know them better, become friends, or maybe go on a date. Characters with greater affinity and happines will give bonuses in your adventure.

Battle System:

The battle system is a fast paced turn based combat. Be careful to not be attacked by surprise. You have only one attribute: POWER. It's you Strengh and you Health. A basic attack is a random number between the half and your full POWER.

Collectible Cards

Blunt hit skill

Cooking System (WIP)

Andrei: Programmer
Lívia: Creation assistant
Nícolas : Art and Animation

Thanks everyone! Like our facebook page to stay tuned at our updates.

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