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Secret Santa 2016 Write-up

  • Marrend
  • 12/27/2016 01:05 PM
Here's a little write-up based on a play-through of this game for Secret Santa 2016. Enjoy!

It seems the woods did not want to let them go, but, at long last, three young women arrived at the manor. In their hands, a letter:

"I fear I may have stumbled upon something far bigger than I could have ever imagined. This discovery, however, has lead to some rather unwelcome company. If you are receiving this, I am most likely dead. If not already, I will be soon. Please, if you can return to my manor, and keep those Cultists away from my discoveries! There is no telling what they could do with this knowledge!"

As they enter, musty air fills their nostrils, and the door slams shut behind them. Dread washes over them. Something isn't quite right, but, whatever is going on here, they must put a stop to it!

On the floor of the room entered the mansion lie a pile of bodies. If one would explore further, one must move them aside. But can they bear such a deed? The detective's constitution was enough to pull through for the team, thankfully.

Going east, they find a brass key. Despite it's apparent age, it still contains a faint shimmer. Perhaps this will come in handy later?

Going east once more, they hear whispers coming from the wall spoken in some strange, foreign tongue. While the beast slayer and ex-cultist were able to decipher the message, the detective could not. Exploring the room, they note that part of the room was cornered off. At the center was a strange puzzle. The ex-cultist discerned the puzzle, which unveils a mechanism, and cleared the obstruction.

Just then, the ex-cultist began to tremble. She received visions of a cosmic messenger, one among infinite number. The realization was that they were not on top of the food chain.

Going north, they encounter an enemy! Only the ex-cultist is unfazed by the surprise. Despite this, the beast slayer attacks, but misses. The counter-attack wounds her a little. The detective fires next, and fells the foe. Now free to explore, they find nothing of interest in this room. However, we get the distinct impression of paranoia: Something is looking back at us, and is suspecting we're one of the monsters, or even worse!

Moving west, we find a locked briefcase. The key we found earlier is of no use, but, perhaps there is a code we can find elsewhere? However, one of our heroines detects movement in the shadows. A creak. The tension builds, until finally, it's gone. The beast slayer was obviously affected, but, we are able to move on.

Moving west again, we find nothing of interest.

Moving south, the detective has a premonition: A vision of something moving. Wriggling back and forth. Slithering, almost. There is also a relaxing aroma in this room that allows some reprieve.

Moving east, they find a deposit box. The brass key they found earlier fits perfectly, and with a short turn, the box spills it's contents. However, none of the contents was of interest to our heroines.

Moving back west, they encounter an enemy! Once again, the ex-cultist is unfazed by the surprise. The detective fires, and defeats the enemy without taking any wounds. Their experiences in the manor have given our heroines improved capabilities. Truly, they have grown in experience in their journeys.

Moving south then west, they find a sheet of paper with a code written on it. Perhaps this code could be for the briefcase they found earlier?

Moving east, then north, then north, then east again, they check the code against the briefcase, and it opens with a satisfying click. Pain shoots through their heads. They can hear only a whisper, and it's in an otherworldly voice than cannot be fully understood, but, it is clearly a threat.

Just then, as if on cue, a Great One has awoken into this realm. It's up to our intrepid heroines to fight it! Should they loose, there is no telling what could happen.

They move west, then south to find twisted mirrors. The reflections present to them distorted images of themselves, and the images are difficult to comprehend. The detective is most unnerved by this, but, they must press on.

Moving south, our heroines find that traversing this manor, and wading through it's horrors has made them more versatile. Of course, they are now in the same room as the Great One, and it's presence drives them mad. They miraculously resist it's power, and are ready to stand against it in battle.

The detective fires a shot, but misses. Thankfully, so does the Great One. Once more, the maddening presence of the Great One takes it's toll, and the ex-cultist is affected.

The ex-cultist attacks, but does not kill the Great One. The Great One almost kills the ex-cultist in it's counter-attack. Again, the Great One's aura influences them, and both the beast slayer and ex-cultist are affected.

The detective fires again, wounding the Great One. It's counter lands on the detective. The Great One's aura affects all of our heroines now, both the beast slayer and ex-cultist in danger of loosing their sanity entirely.

The beast slayer attacks, wounding the Great One before it gets any action. In the midst of battle, they happen across a holy relic. While such an item seems most unusual, they could offer a prayer. They choose not to, as it seems a very large risk.

The ex-cultist is nearing the point of no return. Still, she manages to wound the Great One, but it's counter is equally painful.

The detective is the least hurt of all, and decides to risk shooting. She misses, and the ex-cultist succumbs to psychosis.

The beast slayer doesn't have a lot of sanity left, but, still has a decent chunk of health. She attacks, but, her attack never goes off.

The beast slayer tries again, and this time, wounds the Great One. However, she succumbs to psychosis.

The detective is the only one left, now. She takes a shot, but misses.

The detective is now hurting in both health and sanity. However, there is little else to do but take a shot. However, the Great One acts first, and mauls her before she can get the shot off.

The manor grows silent once more. Yet, it will only be a matter of time before the Great One invades this world in truth, and then, it shall truly know the meaning of despair.

Aww maaaan! We were so close too!

Maybe I should have attacked the turn I went to zero sanity?

Might be right about that. I can't say I'm happy about completely missing my attack step, though. What's up with that?

The Great One missed an attack step too!

Well... yeah, I guess that's true!

Hey, hey, let's just play again! How about it, Ms Fusion?

Hrmmmm. It's getting a little late. Maybe we can some other day, and with a different scenario.

Why a different one? What's wrong with this one?

If that's what everybody wants to do, that's fine. However, let me point out that there are other scenarios to explore in this game. Some might be easier, some might be harder.

I wouldn't mind playing a different scenario.

Me too!

Looks like it's decided, then. For now, though, off to bed with you three!


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This is awesome. Once again, thank you so much Marrend for this great gift!
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