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SpaceXGear is like the arcade game Galica, but made with RPG Maker VX. This game is a demo of what you could do with RPG Maker VX if you totally did not want to make an RPG. I edited the game's scripts very little for the user interface and the movement of the player, but basically everything else you see was done through events. My friend did the graphics, some events, and help out with the designing. I did everything else that includes scripting, designing, and most of the events. Fill free to look at the events if your interested in how it was done. Also it does require RTP.

Specs Info:
SpaceXGear runs best on a Pentium 4, or higher. If you are running the game on an older Pentium 4 you may have some FPS lag, but the game is still playable do to the simple gameplay.

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Not sure really. I currently working on another project that is taking forever.
How long does it usally take you to complete a project?
Well I just basically completed a project called Gunlore. As for this game, this was just a mini game that I made.
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