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Tracy lost her parents at a young age after making an unfortunate decision that led to their deaths. Since then she has had to struggle to survive, eventually growing into a quiet, studious young woman who has little time for nonsense. The recent loss of her boyfriend to another woman has left her feeling at an all time low and second-guessing her own decisions and abilities.

Down on her luck and needing some cash, she is pulled into a get-rich-quick scheme by a friendly acquaintance. Six people are required for a ritual that grants them great fortune and success, and despite knowing that nothing comes free or fast, she is drawn in by the idea of something finally going right in her life.

<@K> U on ur way?
<@flowerp> In the cab now. Be another 5.
<@lionesque> Appt building on corner 22nd Ave, top floor. Take the stairs.
<@flowerp> Thnx, I got it.
<@tintedrose> Lift only goes up to floor 11. Gotta walk the other 4.
<@flowerp> OK. :thumbs:

Started for the Halloween Event of 2016.

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  • 10/27/2016 01:14 PM
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I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Ooooh, it looks pretty and I like the plot premise! :D
I'm a really big fan of this art style! This looks great, keep it up!!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
<@lionesque> is everything ok over there

based on a true story
Half-Life: Full-Life Con6quences

Sign me up, Sweetheart
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