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New video for battle system and crafting

Hello :)

Here is a little video on the actual turned-based battle system and the first crafting engine.

I hop you gonna like it :)

I'm also working on a TGC system, or making cards to get buff or gifts in the game. I'm still thinking about it, but you'll find cards in game^^



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It looks very cool! It looks a bit like "ni no kuni", which is also an RPG. Do you know it? Anyways, really well done purple!
Oh wow, it's adorable ^^

Very nice and organized :)

Hit me up if you're going to do any English scripting and need a spell-check :)

Have a wonderful weekend :)

~☾ Kat ☽
Thank you girls!!! ;)

No problem ^_^

I miss u so bad Purple~<3 Have a very merry Christmas ^^

~☾ Kat ☽
Thank you girls!!! ;)

You're very welcome!!! >u<
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