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This game made me hungry (Demo Review)

Remie and Alana is a dungeon crawler RPG made in RPGMaker VX Ace by the team of Kloe, Ocean, and unity. The game combines elements of the magical girl genre with a dash of romance to create a special treat for the players.

Long ago, a witch named Xalimi created a variety of evil artifacts to use to take over the world. But then she died, and the artifacts got bored and decided to take over the world themselves. Two modern day teenage girls, Remie and Alana, are bestowed with special dessert-themed magical girl powers to destroy the artifacts and save the world.

Best superpowers ever.

I think the developers were hungry when they made this game. Everything from the heroines' movesets to the various healing items are based around sweets. Fortunately, our two protagonists are more than willing to roll with it as they set out on their quest. The game plays its 'modern day' conceit well, with two teenager girls using smartphone apps and supernatural powers to adventure through a derelict shopping mall in search of an ancient evil. It makes for an amusing scenario.

Aside from some very basic dungeon interactions, the heart of the game lies in the combat, which is similar to unity's Luxaren Allure in a lot of ways. The two characters have both MP to cast spells and TP that rises as they take damage to unleash particularly potent abilities. An important twist here is the game provides you with several pieces of equipment items that allow you to summon a helpful creature, granting a handful of additional abilities that can be used once per battle. Since these abilities can only be used once, the most powerful skills have high TP costs, and even basic healing abilities have a brief cooldown before they can be used again, you can't simply spam your best abilities until victory comes, so you do need to apply some basic strategic thinking to encounters.

The two protagonists are relatively basic, with the hyper-cheerful Alana complimenting the more sullen and insecure Remie. Nevertheless their personalities are a bit inconsistent as they occasionally reverse these roles with Remie suddenly having to cheer Alana up. Remie also struggles with her feelings for Alana, although not much ultimately comes of this in the very short demo.

Currently, the game lasts only about 45 minutes and lasts for about two dungeons, and exists more as a tech demo/proof of concept than anything resembling a final product. I won't be giving a score to this version but I look forward to playing a final version.