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This game was made as A Halloween Horror entry. It should be a horror game.

Cerdic wakes up ashore a strange land. In the middle of a storm, he got a single thought. The thought is so essential, that he got a need to say it out loud.
"Where is Sera."

Left Behind follows Cerdic on his journey to find Sera. The first stop on the journey is an abandoned town. Where are all the people? Soon enough, The knight finds her first victim. Cerdic ought to hurry up. More mutilated corpses await us ahead and the sooner Sera is stopped, the better. While following the track of dead bodies, odd people talk to Cerdic about matters of life and death. Some of them just talk. The one thing Cerdic struggles to realize, is how long it has been since he was left behind.

The game is mostly walk and talk with three light puzzles included to entertain you. Dialogues are minimalist and the same can be said about graphics, which are taken from the original Final Fantasy and an all MIDI soundtrack, which contains tunes from Metroid, Big Nose The Caveman, Monster Party and other NES classics. The current version uses RTP sounds.
The game is rather short and it should take something over 10 minutes to finish it.

While making Left Behind, I was inspired by films such as The Seventh Seal and Stalker. Among games Space Funeral, Lone Survivor and Dragon Fantasy were main sources of inspiration. It can be said, that i was trying to make a game, which looks like Dragon Fantasy, feels like Space Funeral and is scary.

AHH version should include the complete story with both endings. Post-release updates are planned and should bring:
-Custom charsets and facesets
-An evented menu
-Dialogue polish
-Original 8-bit sounds
-More caves
-Title screen graphics
-Logo and a new description for the gamepage

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Hey, so I thing this project needs more care. To be honest two good things about it so far are graphics (you can't go wrong with Final Fantasy rips), music (rips) and the very first line of the story.

I got this for Christmas from Zephire98

The rest seems to serve no purpose and can be reworked completely. I think puzzles are not terrible but they can't fill the emptiness. And the story... I hate it and I'm sure I can do better than that. There were supposed to be four different endings. But I don't really need them. One decent would be enough. So I'm returning to notepad and gonna write something better. I like some pieces. Dj Death playing his favorite dance macabre in dungeon is witty at least. And being poisoned by an old man isn't so bad either. I can use it as a timer in this new version.

I plan to change the world too. There will be battles now. It makes sense and I really need to have a game with working and balanced battles on my portfolio. To accommodate them, there will be bigger dungeon, more surface maps and more interiors. There probably won't be too many new NPCs (one so far), repurposing the old ones should be enough.

Other 'systems' will be changed as well. There will be a fast travel item, which transports you back to town and more items overall. I may even add regular equipment. Symbols should serve a purpose and leading to a treasure. There will be more puzzles and I'm likely to enhance some graphics.

I'll stop pretending that this is a horror game. It's an adventure.

Overall My aim is to make this game worth 3 stars.
  • Completed
  • Cap_H
  • RPG Maker 2000
  • Adventure
  • 10/29/2016 12:22 AM
  • 12/27/2019 10:26 AM
  • 10/30/2016
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Test, My css skills are rustier than a 50 years old Chrysler.

Edit: Letters will be changed later.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Love the retro graphics :D Good luck with the game cap!!

Edit: Wait what's with this avatar 0.0
Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
You might want to change the color of comments so that it's not white text on a white background.

*Edit: I think it would be a property of div.message, but, I'm not 100% sure!
Current version uses RTP sounds and it isn't RTP independent.

Isn't it an event requirement that all games should be playable on their own?
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
It looks really spooky and I love the retro graphics! :D

Also weeee, I'm chopping a tree down! :D
Thanks, guys.Every comment makes my day little better.
@Marrend, strange i repaired it before your comment appeared (Kloe helped me). Thanks for the advice.
@Healy, thanks for the reminder. I'll take a look at it and probably upload both versions. I'm using too many RTP sounds to make it a clean download.
I no can fin cos triangles no can know how do. HOW DOES TRIANGLE?! HOW DO?!!!
Triangles haven't got any meaning. There was a missing transfer event. I will upload new version later today, which is finishable and enhanced with better dialogues and more.
And I hope, that my Engrish no be that bad.
I tried running this, but when I opened it it crashed saying it couldn't open the file "Vehicles." Am I doing something wrong?
You need the RPG Maker 2000 Run Time Package.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
This game wouldn't have anything to do with the book series, would it?

Also, I wanted to check it out, but it's zipped in 7z instead of something I can use.
It's not connected to any book. To be frank I inspired myself with a song and with generic horror names and it's about being stranded.
Wait for the next release, then. I'll post a rtp independent version.
Corf, 7zip is probably tho most common archive type. I can do a normal zip version too, but it's a strange phenomena.
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