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(In case you get stuck for god knows what reason.)


Evidence order:
Dirt Marks
Empty Bookshelves / Empty Picture Frames / Table With No Chairs
School Club Rules
"Magic Is Real?"
Hina's Phone

Evidence locations:
Dirt Marks, Empty Bookshelves, Empty Picture Frames, Table With No Chairs, Hina's Phone — all in the Literature club room
School Club Rules — in the hallway outside the club room, on the left-hand side bulletin board
"Magic Is Real?" — in the Calligraphy club room on the desk

Endings guide
note: endings are determined by the choices you make throughout the entire game, and getting each new one requires starting from the beginning (or from a save file made before the first significant choice). Trying to get all endings is not required nor recommended unless you are ready to spend another ~30 minutes doing so.

Orb locations:
Blue orb — in the hallway with club rooms, under the right-hand side bulletin board
Red orb — in the Calligraphy club room, behind the TV
Yellow orb — outside the school entrance, in the left-hand side plant pot next to the entrance

GOOD END — give Naganami the Blue orb but don't give Hina the Red orb
BAD END — give Hina the Red orb but don't give Naganami the Blue orb
BEST END — give either both or neither of the girls their respective orbs

You can give Kanata the Yellow orb during the investigation phase. If you do, she appears in the epilogue for the Good and the Best endings.