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Somewhere, a whistleblower.
Somewhere, a reporter.
Everywhere, global dangers:
Mass surveillance.
Make your choices.
Break the scandals.

Your turn. Your choice. Your story.‚Äč

Somewhere is a real time interactive fiction where you are _not_ the hero.
Make the right choices and help Cat to investigate and stay alive.
You receive notifications on your mobile device while Cat pushes further her investigation: answer now or when you are available.
Somewhere is a branched story where your choices will have consequences.

Cat is a journalist. She has been contacted by a whistleblower who gave her very compromising materials on a multinational company.
The case is way too big than what she expected and she quickly gets overwhelmed by the scope of what she discovers.
She gets chased, her life is being threatened and now she has no other choice than trying to break the scandal.
Now, you are the only person that Cat can trust.
Somewhere is a deeply immersive story about survival and tenacity, with several different endings. Cat counts on YOU.

-Real time, through device notifications.
-Branched story, choices will tailor the story.
-Random events.
-Find clues on the web, type answer to a riddle.
-Ability to rewind story and change previous choices.
-Up to 4 different choices.
-Several different endings.
-Dynamic sound ambiance.

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Somewhere: The Vault Papers now on Android

Hi there!

We are back with the full android version!


Already 330K players downloaded it, they can't be wrong! :D

Download it, the trial is free. ;)

Thanks for your support and feel free to contact me!


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