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Red balloons are known to bring happiness and make kids smile. Sounds natural but will you succeed doing so in the house you entered? Some terrible things happen in this house and more or worst may occur. It all depends on you!

Red Balloon of Happiness is a side-scroller mystery investigation game with a dark-horror theme. The game has two ending. It was created for the Halloween Horror event 2016.

The game is fully custom made:
* Graphics by Avee
* Music by Luiishu535
* Programming by Irog
* Voice acting by Frogge

There is a text file in the game folder that helps you if you get lost. It also explains most of the design choices once you competed the game.

Red Balloon of Happiness runs on Windows and Linux. This game stores all its data in its archive decompression folder. It will not store data anywhere-else, not even in Windows registry.

Latest Blog

Red Balloon of Happiness for Linux

The new download runs on Windows and now also on Linux. It has 3 folders:
- Common: contains graphics, music... Don't delete this folder!
- Linux: contains Linux binary and its dependencies. Windows users can delete this folder.
- Windows: contains Windows binary and its dependencies. Linux users can delete this folder.

I chose to gather everything in a single archive to keep the files well organized, reduce upload time, minimize RMN disk usage and, above all, avoid player confusion about which download version is the most recent.
  • Completed
  • Irog
  • Avee (Graphics)
    Luiishu535 (Music)
    Frogge (Voice acting)
  • Custom
  • Adventure
  • 10/29/2016 07:11 PM
  • 11/08/2021 10:38 PM
  • 11/08/2016
  • 37239
  • 16
  • 563


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No fire dun hurt meh ;.;
Thanks for playing our game. The demo lacks the endings and an indication that you can type answers to spoken questions.

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Aww, that's so cute! Can I also have one? :D
I updated the images and the download. You now have access to both endings. A walkthrough will help those in need.
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