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~Warning: This is a small demo for now~

You are a little girl named Ellie. Your parents died and the only family member is your grandmother. She then got sick and couldn't take care of you, so she had to let you go. That's how you got adopted by a rich couple. Though, you are not happy unless you are with your grandmother. Everyday you go to see her at the hospital and talk for hours. When you're at home, father scolds you for things you didn't do. As mother doesn't seem to care about your opinions. At school, you only have three friends and get bullied over your odd eye color. You wish that life was the same before your biological parents died and with your grandmother healthy and well.

On one of the days you visit your grandmother, she asks you about your dreams. Things are suddenly strange. As she request for some water, she says her final words and passes on to the other side. She leaves behind her things, including a letter that has someone's name on it. You decide that you should send it to them, but address is written. You can't speak to the dead, so you leave home to deliver it yourself. How long will it take you? Do you know if they are still alive or dead? Will anyone help you? What entities will try to prevent you from your goal? Are you ready for the story to get emotional?

  • Characters
    The Protagonist
    Ellie Wonders is a ten year old girl, who lost her parents in a storm over in Germany. She was left with her grandmother, until she got sick and couldn't take care of her granddaughter. That was when Ellie then got adopted by a rich couple, who seem to ignore her opinions. They allow Ellie to go see her grandmother everyday to spend time talking to each other. Ellie is to be very curious about everything.

  • Grandmother
    Maya is a caring and trusting elder woman, who loves nature and her family. An 84 year old lady living in a house by the sea and mountains, with her only grandchild. Life was fine as ever, even when sad things happen, but things were fine. Until she suddenly got sick by an unknown illness and couldn't care of her granddaughter while she remained in the hospital. Maya had to let her granddaughter go to the orphanage. Maya still has hope, including in her only family she has left.

  • New Father
    Alex S. Cross is Ellie's new father. He's a mean man, who really hates poor people and anyone who isn't white. He is married happily (not really)to Violet Cross. Alex is a businessman for a very successful company. He is known to be a very wealthy married man, who you should not mess with. Also, the S. stands for Sebastian.

  • New Mother
    Violet Cross is Ellie's new mother. She's a famous actress under a famous director. A pretty blonde who seems to care for her own opinion, like how she is told by her director, but she really has a heart for kids. Since Violet wanted kids, but couldn't, due to certain problem that doesn't allow her to bare a child. That's when Violet went out to see about adopting a child and found Ellie.

Latest Blog

Long Time and No Updates?!

I am sorry that I haven't gotten to getting the game done. Something happened and I lost the game file. So, I have to rebuild it, but what I'll do is put more polish into the game and some things will be changed like:
-A tutorial and more information at the very start of game
-The town will be broken up into two or three maps
-More focus to the story first, then finishing decoration in maps, adding easter eggs, and adding in other items that hold 'something'

But, I'll upload early access versions when enough content are in the game. Sound okay to everyone? Again, I am sorry that the game isn't finished by now and I have to rebuild it. I'll try to finish it by the end of March, 2018.
  • Production
  • BlutBoshiMask
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Adventure RPG
  • 10/30/2016 02:29 AM
  • 08/15/2018 07:31 AM
  • 10/29/2016
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"I think it's about forgiveness..."
Just started playing your demo (looks interesting so far), but it fades to black after a cutscene with Ellie's parents and the music keeps playing - no text box, no "end of demo". Bug, feature, or artistic statement? ^_^
Yeah, I was working on it last night and noticed that happened. So, in the next update in the demo that'll be fixed.
"I think it's about forgiveness..."
Just downloaded the new demo. Now I can see the graveyard, but my player character is invisible! O_O While it is possible to navigate the map blindfold (I bumped into James Wonders' grave - I presume that's Ellie's dad?) you might want to turn that transparency / visibility flag on. (Or is Ellie now a ghost? ^_^)
"I think it's about forgiveness..."
You're welcome. Sorry for being a double bearer of bad news, but these things happen sometimes...Keep up the good work! =)
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