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Long Time and No Updates?!

I am sorry that I haven't gotten to getting the game done. Something happened and I lost the game file. So, I have to rebuild it, but what I'll do is put more polish into the game and some things will be changed like:
-A tutorial and more information at the very start of game
-The town will be broken up into two or three maps
-More focus to the story first, then finishing decoration in maps, adding easter eggs, and adding in other items that hold 'something'

But, I'll upload early access versions when enough content are in the game. Sound okay to everyone? Again, I am sorry that the game isn't finished by now and I have to rebuild it. I'll try to finish it by the end of March, 2018.


Short Say

Sorry that it has been months and the game isn't done yet. It's taking longer than I expected to finish the game. I really didn't expect it to take this long. Very sorry about this.

Progress Report

Progress 1

So far, there are some new maps and scenes partiaclly done, but don't appear untill later in the game. Some of the places (like the hospital and Dr. Wilson's office) have changed. There are different tilesets for A2, A4, B, and E. The rest haven't changed. The first map ("Start", the first map you see at start of the game after title screen) has changed. The West Hall of the hospital is now bigger. (Also, one of the easter eggs was removed and another was fixed, because of incorrect spelling) The cemetary loost better (?) and Dr. Wilson's office looks better too. Improving the town's layout and all interactiions with the townspeople. Eventually, there will be a character added to the game's description along with two lists (one for easter eggs and one for refrences). There are effects in some maps and there are sort of hints to characters that are in the game and characters who are not (which will be explained later, but not yet).

Now, I'll have to get the rest of the characters in place of the maps that are made and put in the events. Also, finish or start working on maps that need to be done (and to fill in the gap I have done, because I skipped some parts and scenes that were to happen after Ellie wakes up to later in the game, before the end. So, hopefully that doesn't happen again). There will be some important information at the start of game to later (I don't know when exactly) that the players will need to remember and piece together. There isn't a new demo or anything yet, but there might be 'something else' relating to the game in some way (like to a character). That's it for now. I may put the removed easter egg back in, but in a different map and by a different name.


The Demo Now

There is a bug in the demo now where you can't see the cemetery and the scene that happens there. Also, not much gameplay in it. So, hopefully within this week there will be a second version of the demo where the player actually gets to do some gameplay and not most of it being scenes. I would like to mention that there are a few Easter eggs already and that I own none of the songs that are in used in the game. When the new version of the demo is done and up, I'll list the songs that are used where and when in the game. There are four Easter eggs in the hospital.
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