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Long Time and No Updates?!

I am sorry that I haven't gotten to getting the game done. Something happened and I lost the game file. So, I have to rebuild it, but what I'll do is put more polish into the game and some things will be changed like:
-A tutorial and more information at the very start of game
-The town will be broken up into two or three maps
-More focus to the story first, then finishing decoration in maps, adding easter eggs, and adding in other items that hold 'something'

But, I'll upload early access versions when enough content are in the game. Sound okay to everyone? Again, I am sorry that the game isn't finished by now and I have to rebuild it. I'll try to finish it by the end of March, 2018.


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I played the demo for this a while ago, nice to see it back again! I wish you luck with it! ^_^
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