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Play as Darius Cayne in Adaeus: Rogue Planet, a 2D sci-fi Metroidvania roguelike platformer with an emphasis on RPG elements and tight platforming action. Investigate the appearance of a new power source in order to save your colony. Customize your attacks with mod chips, solve environmental puzzles, brave challenge rooms, and uncover the secrets of the rogue planet, Adaeus.

We are on Steam Greenlight! It would be super-rad if you could
support us

Key Features:
  • Customize your skills and mix/match/compound attacks.
  • Enjoy ultra-tight platformer controls (Gamepad Support/Key Mapping).
  • Experiment with a variety of equipment, upgrades, and combat playstyles.
  • Solve interactive environment/puzzles with skills earned in-game.

Inspired by the Castlevania franchise and 2015's indie hit Axiom Verge, Adaeus will have you explore a world where even the plants are deadly -- and menacing monsters lie in waiting at every turn. Can you survive long enough to uncover the secrets of Adaeus?

The Story So Far:

Cut off from the rest of galactic civilization, Adaeus is a bloodthirsty planet filled with dangerous fauna, environmental hazards, and limited natural resources. Darius Cayne, an accomplished militiaman, has been tasked with investigating a new power source that could save his dying colony; however, what he finds is beyond anything he could’ve ever imagined. Equipped with his high-tech power suit and blaster, Cayne must hack, slash, and shoot his way through Adaeus' unrelenting environments to make it back home and save his colony.


To even the odds, the hero in Adaeus has access to an advanced (and upgradeable) research lab. Use Nanites scattered around the levels -- and Credits -- to modify the suit and upgrade your equipment. Featuring more than 50 different upgrades -- everything from increasing health and strength to increasing the amount of ordnance you can carry -- the suit is the perfect tool to face the many dangers of Adaeus.

The game includes a number of brutal enemies, such as:
  • Spiked Dracaenikes that spring up out of the ground
  • Automated Drilling Androids armed with laser blasters
  • Rapid Fire Turrets that are nearly impossible to avoid
  • Other enemies include six legged, multi-eyed alien bears... and poisonous projectile spewing bees!

Be ready for a fight at the end of each level. Adaeus includes end-level bosses -- including the massive Noxious Plant that shoots Dracaenikes whenever it’s damaged. Furthermore, each level is randomized -- ensuring that no two playthroughs will ever be the same.

We are on Steam Greenlight! It would be super-rad if you could_support us

Latest Blog

Adaeus is Greenlit!

Thanks to you all, we have been greenlit and it only took us 10 days to do so! We're super appreciative of each and every yes vote we got, and we'd like to thank all that voted for us.

We've got one more feature to flesh out completely (the map system) before we release this into the wild in Early Access format. We hope that some of you will join us in Early Access, tell us what you do and don't like, what you think works well and what needs improvement before we call it finished.

Also during the course of Early Access we will be adding more enemies/bosses, music/sound effects, and more shit to get you dead in game. The money raised via Early Access will be put directly back into the game to foot the bill for extra enemies, animations and artwork in general (that stuff is expensive).

So once again, THANK YOU, and we will see you shortly in Early Access format!


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So this is the true result of procrastination. Wow, I should do that more often. This is looking really spectacular, boss! Keep it up!
So this is the true result of procrastination. Wow, I should do that more often. This is looking really spectacular, boss! Keep it up!

I was only tangentially involved, and primarily in the early worldbuild, story and brainstorming phase. This is the work of Clyve and his team!
You peep are my homies! Metroidvania ftw omg wtf. xD
Subbed, looks pretty neat!
What we really need are votes on Steam Greenlight. Tell your friend(s)!
I already voted. I'll tell someone if he/she/it wants to be my friend.
Voted. Hope it gets greenlighted!

Me too! It is the lynchpin to our world domination plans!
Got me my shiny new MZ
Wow this looks awesome! Would love to see it completed. Good luck with the early access!
This is so cool!
The sprite so amazing, would love to waiting in my library.
Awesome, I'm already fan :)

let me know if you need music composition, maybe metroid/castlevania like...

All the best.
How goes this, btw?
Let me touch base with the lead and see. I have grown even more peripherally involved since I created this gameprofile.
it's still in development
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