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It's over 9000 THOUSAND GAME VIEWS!!!!!

Did I get your attention with this dated reference? Good, because I've got some terrible news for you... which are actually great for me, because it means I get to see you suffer. (Thx for so many views btw. I really, like, actually appreciate it!<3)

From the extensive work last month I barely got to playtest my own game and when I did, it was only to fix certain event issues and just some random bugs here and there.
This isn't exactly new to me, but you can actually abuse certain mechanics in battle and HERE is where the actual announcement comes into play!

I am announcing the PUNISHMENT system!
Sounds fun, right? No you'll hate it... probably...
It's more likely that you'll find it neat, rather than annoying, because I can say that I am somewhat confident in making things fun. But that's my judgement of myself and considering nobody judges my games ever, I just assume they are great.

Anywho, the Punishment system is something I literally thought about when playing through the game and realizing you can break it easily.
So what will it do?
It will make sure that you:
-get punished for using too many exploitable things (such as weaknesses, status effects and abusing desperation moves too many times.)
-get a tough time during boss fights.
-can get through the game easily solo, because the punishment system will only work if you have 2 or more party members (so basically up until the vulcano area, for those that neglect their party members... also did you know you can gain some nice additional stuff if you go through the areas fast enough? Yeah, the cat might've explained it pretty vague, might be even impossible at the current demo, now that I think about it...)
-maybe even build that into the story somehow... but I'll try not to be too ambitious with it.***

That's all I had to say really... hope you like what I've planned out.

Looks like the game is far from over for me...