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Climax fatale

Next month, it's gonna be it. Once the clock on the 31st day hits 00:00, I'll have to stop adding crap into the game and fixes and just release it like it is... uh, but in case there's still gonna be missing something, I'll probably move the date to like a week after that, so that I at least have all the things I promised.
This'll be the last blog before the release.

I guess I can just share what I learned from all of this and what the heck made me want to continue to work on this godforsaken game for so long.
I told this story earlier, about how this series just started out as a joke. The edgy me 3 years ago liked to fuck about his day and just distract himself with something to do. Meanwhile, I was working(Or at least tried to) develop a massive game filled with content and... just straight up bizarre visions of a game I had in mind doing. Over the years I realized just how stupid those visions were, but nonetheless, I still applaud myself for at least trying to stand out and be creative with my work. In the end, I never finished this big project and I doubt I'll return to it anytime soon. Now my entire focus is headed towards making this bad, edgy, joke series into a fully fledged ridiculous emotional ride.
I always had a kink for games with bizarre things happening inside of them and I tried to make a strange meta-narrative for a long time now. But over the years, I realized just how many of these kinds of games came out and I just felt completely down for not being able to be fast enough to compete with them. It wasn't really my intention to win, anyway. I just kind of wanted to say that I, too, was doing something of the kind for a long time. And I guess In a way I did, but my work never showed itself, because of a variaty of problematic things happening to me, ranging from personal issues to mental health problems to not having any motivation in my life to go on with the game.
But now that I'm almost done with 1/4 of the entire Tod Series, I can breath with ease knowing that I have released something. After all, no matter how I look at it, my dream is and always will be to make games that not only catch your attention in a weird way, but also stand out on their own.
I still think I could've gotten away with something better. But for my very first serious game, I think I should just accept that I cannot hit the nail on the coffin on my first try.

Well, with these sappy thoughts out of my brain, I thank you guys for showing interest. I hope I can deliver something that will at least make you go "Oh, that was neat!"