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Year 19

Been 2 weeks since release and I haven't touched the game yet. (apart from fixing one simple thing)

I don't think this year will be too eventful in terms of production, but I do plan on releasing a much smaller game this year. It will be connected to the Tod series.
My plan was it to create a small game about a small girl going around town to figure out rumors about (insert important people) and diving into their minds. (magically) And during these scenarios, you'll play a touhou styled bullethell game to literally face and beat bad thoughts.
The game is going to be made in... you'll never guess, RPG maker VX. (wow)

I dunno... I found a touhou script and then my brain flashed with ideas on how to make the series make more sense without me trying to hide too much. Because I don't like to literally put everything important at the very end of something. You gotta spread it out a little bit, y'know? (Also I was in a touhou rush last year, which made me become obsessed, so why not?)

Anyways, that's my plan. I'll finish the rest of Tod 1 and then start on making that short danmaku.

Also thx for all the downloads! I know 16 isn't really much, but I'm happy enough if at least one of you played it!
Obviously I can aim for more, but I rather focus my strength on something else.
However, I had plans to at least make a trailer for the first game to slightly boost it's growth. Who knows, that might be fun?



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Well best of luck with what you plan to do!
Well best of luck with what you plan to do!
thx :)
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