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Russian Roulette

I've been lazy. These past few months had me sweating. Needed to prepare myself mentally for the move in August.

Anyway, sorry about that.

I wanted to talk about the next Tod game. But first I wanted to close this game off with a little more background information, regarding on what the hell is actually happening with/in this game and what the hell it is really about.
I also wanted to talk about future ideas for sequels and the possibilities of implementing them inside the games.
I will (hopefully) thoroughly explain on what I want for the sequels to happen in an upcoming blog. It will probably be a huge list to read (Just like every other blog basically, but bigger lol) and there will proooobably be spoilers ahead, but I will mark them as such, if I fail to find a way to mask them properly.
It will be about 3 main sections: Gameplay, Story progression/Character development/lore explanation/etc. and visuals/music.

As for this game, I did mention that it was pretty much done. But I guess I kinda lied about that.
The major story is done. But in the current build, important things are missing that are a major part of the upcoming games.
For example, the medals. They don't do jack shit and they are a base of information you can acquire on what the hell is actually happening with the overall world you are involved with. For the majority of the medals, they do 3 things: Character and/or Monster background and/or information, Secrets about the character and/or strategy(As in battle strategy) and an entirely secret thing involving around ALL medals aquired. And you sure as hell can expect me to make every medal be worth a damn!

Aquiring the medals is a hard thing and it's intentionally so.
When you play through the game normally, you can get to the credits and end the game there. You will receive a medal for the ending and you can move on to the next game. From there on, if you have a medal for an ending, you will simply put it into the password section and be asked to put in additional passwords for additional things you have encountered in the previous game.
The new game option in the next games is basically you just getting through the games normally and ending it on the credits.
As for how that even works story wise, I will explain rn:
When ending on the normal ending(what a sentence) you would think that there isn't much left to do in the game. There are two scenarios a player goes through, depending on the players attitude towards the game:
1. I guess that's the ending, I don't think there's anything left to do.
2. That's it? I don't understand at all! There has to be something else!

Because of these two individuals, I have set up the story so that it would work for both players. Now keep in mind that the 2nd player has gone through the optional stuff and now knows more than the first player.
The first player assumes this is the end and nothing is left. So he starts up the 2nd game and simply thinks nothing has happened inbetween, but just a simple time skip. Tod, in the normal ending, also has no idea what happened in between.
Ok, this is already where the bullshit starts, but whatever, I still like it: Tod has no memories of it all because he was simply too young and not conscience enough to have remembered it all. However, characters will ask you for these missing links and since basically everyone in your party is a mute, you will only encounter baddies telling you (what seems to be to the player and Tod)lies.
Amazing, I know.
Tod is you, the main protagonist and my intention is it to resemble Tod in your determined playthrough of the previous games... or the lack thereof.

As I have established it before, this is a meta game. I'm not going to hide this fact from you. In fact, maybe knowing this fact will be a beneficial factor in winning on whatever bullshit I have in store for you.

I will reward ONLY those who are willing enough to go through it all. You can also make it a team effort if you want, but where will be the fun in your own self reflection if you do that?

Do I tell you too much?
Since I am the creator and I am the only one who can really answer this question: no.
In fact, you might be lead of the path, for all you know.

This series holds a secret. And it is today that I claim there to be a secret.
Albeit, I tell you so in a blog, hidden behind a spoiler tag. lmao

Even with all that, I don't take it too seriously. (as seen with my laziness) It is ambitious, yes, but I do not really think I CAN'T do it... because most of the things I plan to implement are possible, even for me. And if something doesn't go right, whatever, shit happens I suppose.
Yeeeeeah, I GUESS it will take about 20 years to finish this, but what else do I have to do in my life? lol

With the ending in sight, I also plan to do a little trailer for the game. I already know how it would look like, so hopefully I can move my butt to animate it all in sony vegas.

Thx for reading, determined reader. I hope today has not been just a waste of time, with my now current published novel.