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The End

I would like to announce that...
I will be continuing to develop Tod ~ Birth of Conscience for another 3 years.

Did anyone buy that?
Ok, jokes aside, I'm done. Finito, finished, uh... The End, yadda yadda. It's out. I'm done for real... really now... I promise! lol (Except I will still patch things and bugs, if I am able to)

I dunno what to say, except go play it... if you want to.

Now let me clarify something.
I have VERY low expectations. I know for a fact MANY will end this game at a very early point, or at least manage to stick around for long enough to beat it. And I honestly don't care.
I am just very thankful that I was able to withstand my own pressure and go at my own pace to finish this, even if it was really slow.
Now don't get me wrong. This is not me downing myself, but rather me knowing exactly what the future will hold for this series.
I am viewing this realistically. And my Game is something that won't make most enjoy it. In fact, I think this Series was build for masochists lmao.
Now what do I mean by that? It's simple, really. You got to have some MASSIVE patience with this one. Even if it does end early, the real Game has only begun after you've beaten it. And usually post game stuff isn't exactly looked at most of the time.
I am a HUGE sucker for post game content. That's not to say that the core story doesn't make me enjoy it to the fullest, but I usually look forward to finding more about a videogame after it ends. This Series will be dedicated to those sorts of games. And by the end, you would wish for your own sanity to come back, because most of the journey will be you going through 200 different kinds of hell.

And this does NOT mean I will make it purposefully painful. No, I would actually want to further develop and improve on my mistakes with the next Game. I want to give the sequel an entire different identity from this one. I will make it better in every single way, if my abilities to do so would allow it.
First I would like to clean up the mess I left behind in the first project. Ever since I have picked up to remake the game, I have been developing with a severe case of working unorganized. And let me tell you... you would not want to take a peak at my project through developers lenses.
Besides that, I would also finally be able to write character interactions. Since Tod is finally mature enough to talk in the sequel, you can expect some character moments and scenes that I will work on very hard. It will be very fun for me.

Anyway, back to the point at hand.
Guess what this final update holds... double the playtime from the previous build. I know, I've done it again!
From only a 6 hour experience with the core story and post game content, I have created more than 15 hours of game time with this new update. And most of these are actually just the challenges lol.

There is also a very very elaborate meta puzzle I have created... probably. I don't actually know how elaborate it is, but I needed to write it all down in a notepad and memorize stuff...
You'll be the judge of that, if you happen to tackle it.
But be warned. You won't be starting this if you haven't beaten the hard parts. So it essentially boils down to you beating the videogame, beating the post game content, gaining all medals, going through each and every challenge and only THEN you can finally start to tackle the puzzle.
Insane, I know. Nobody will see "The End" screen, because I liked how absolutely mindnumbingly complicated it was.
"Does that whole thing have anything to do with the future games?" Why, I am glad you asked, random anon. Yes... yes it does. In fact, I hope to achieve to give you the greatest treasure from all of this. And I hope some of you will be determined enough to find EVERYTHING.

And with that, I will now let you play the Video Game already...
I can't believe I actually managed to release a game. Back in 2015, when I made the joke version, I would have never believed that I would go back to it and remake it into this... whatever the hell it is.
I'm glad I don't know what it is myself, because that means more fun for me to figure it out in the future entries, hehehehehehe.

If I could describe this game with only one sentence then it would go something like this:
This Game is a beautiful, frustrating, chaotic but fulfilling mess and I love this unhealthy child of mine.

Ok, enough. I already said to go play it already, you don't need another paragraph.

There is only one final thing I would like to announce.
The previous Blog had a very vague and probably confusing Title... you know why?
That's because it is the sub-title for the next game in the series, called:
Tod II ~ Contemporary Animosity
Follow the sequel here: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9639/
(holy crap, this hasn't been updated in years, yikes...)

Thank you for reading. I wish you all well and happiness in Life, unless you play my game, then I wish you eternal torture :))))))
Until next time folks! You'll hear from me in Contemporary Animosity again!