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Hey, missed me?
It's been a year and a half and there hasn't been any activity regarding this little Game.

I decided to take a break from Game development and enjoy my time just hanging out in a fandom, messing around and what not. Well "take a break from Game development" wouldn't be quite right to say, considering I've finished an entire Game in the time I was gone.
Yeah, so I pulled a "disappear from the face of the Earth and return with a completely finished Game". Sadly, for the majority, it is a Game for the fandom I was in and it only concerns very specific people in the world. But hey, I learned a lot in the meantime!
(The Fandom and Game for said Fandom is Touhou btw. It was available on Gamejolt since late March and its just a passionate 8 hour shitpost lol: https://gamejolt.com/games/Reimu/483878 )

Anyway, now that I've gained considerable knowledge making a much (muchmuchmuch) smaller Project, I decided that this Game is complete and utter dogshite.
Excuse the vocabulary, but I've matured once more and decided that the way I wanted to tell my Story in Tod was just complete nonsense.

People who have read the previous blogs may be aware of the fact that I'm a indecisive Person and I keep changing things out of the blue, simply because I'm bad at blueprinting my Story.
Well, I'm happy to announce that that didn't change whatsoever. However, there was something that did change while I was gone. My attitude towards perfectionism.

While completely counterproductive, I decided to once again try my hands at this Project one last time. But this time around I will go with the same mindset that I've gone in for the Touhou Fangame: just have fun and let things be, damnit.
If I realize I am not having fun making my supposed "Dream Series" I will simply drop it like a hot piece of toast that burned my hands.

I do have good news though. Perhaps you'll be thrilled to hear that I'm making my own Battlers now. While I appreciate all of the assets I've stashed over the decade, I always felt it was less personal for me using these assets.
Since its a Game entirely about Monsters, the Battlers didn't speak anything to me and didn't stand out. So I decided to make my own... all 40 something of them.
It's been a lot of fun making them. Here's a sneak peak of a couple of them:

I'm not the best Pixelartist in the World, but for me it's way better if all the Battlers were made by me. And I'm actually already halfway through! (Which just took maybe 2 months, of which a whole month was maybe spent procrastinating.)
You can also see I'm going with some alternate designs as well and I'm having lots of fun designing Monsters. (Some designs are literally the same as the assets I've used previously. But hey, the art is at least mine)

On top of making new Battlers, I've also tweaked a little with the Battlesystem and made everything much smoother, much faster and I fixed some minor bugs along the way. The Endurance stat, for instance, now guards against Soul Attacks(Spirit in basic RM form) and Soul doesn't double as a Soul Defense stat.

There's still no luck regarding any composition, as I'm still too picky about the choice of music I want to go for. I do eyeball one composer at the moment though, but he's a very busy man and I must wait for an opportune moment (Like as if my now 6 year old game suddenly lost patience.)
But for now, have random junk from -redacted-.

Well, that was pretty much it. While I haven't shared much, it definitely felt like an entire different Journey that I've gone through with the Fangame. It made me realize that I actually am still passionate about making Video Games. I was just too focused on a single GRAND AS FUCK Project that would've literally taken me decades to finish, haven't I gone out of my way to take a break.
I need small time Jobs from time to time. Also I need to relax more, which I do.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. One last thing to address is that I played and finished SMT Nocturne. It made me realize something and it opened my goddamn eyes: my game isn't hard enough.

Thanks for reading, cya hopefully soon again.


Patch 1.0.3 + a sneak peek into the Sequel

Next batch of fixes and misc.

Unfortunately I had to reset my PC and as a result I lost the Patch Notes. It wasn't anything major, just grammar mistakes and event fixes.

The download for Tod ~ Birth Of Conscience has been updated for the recent Patch: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9346/downloads/10399/

To compensate for the lack of Patch notes, I'll just give you a short peek at the sequel and how it looks like so far.

(gifs don't seem to work for some reason, so have a link to imgur instead)


Patch 1.0.2

Next batch of fixes and misc. incoming:

-Barrier state renamed to Magic Mirror
-Added Controller support
-fixed some grammatical errors
-fixed unlocking Fusion medal in The Fort
-changed unlock conditions for 3 Medals due to them not being unlocked sometimes
-fixed cutscene bug after defeating the final Boss on Hard mode during a specific condition

The download has been updated, as well as the other two downloads for older versions have been renamed in order to avoid further Confusion.
(The one you want is the one with the most downloads lol)


Patch 1.0.1

I regret to inform of an early patch.

I have forgotten to add an entire folder....... yes, please don't laugh at me. Without this folder, only one area will be shown as a complete mess and may result in a crash during an Event. Luckily it's an optional one, but you know...

Other than that, I have fixed some Skill descriptions that were wrong and a couple grammar mistakes.

If you don't want to redownload, then just grab the folder and add it onto your game folder from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2quk1szyncxooou/swapxt.7z/file
The game will be fixed by that method too. (I mean, it's just something missing after all...)


The End

I would like to announce that...
I will be continuing to develop Tod ~ Birth of Conscience for another 3 years.

Did anyone buy that?
Ok, jokes aside, I'm done. Finito, finished, uh... The End, yadda yadda. It's out. I'm done for real... really now... I promise! lol (Except I will still patch things and bugs, if I am able to)

I dunno what to say, except go play it... if you want to.

Now let me clarify something.
I have VERY low expectations. I know for a fact MANY will end this game at a very early point, or at least manage to stick around for long enough to beat it. And I honestly don't care.
I am just very thankful that I was able to withstand my own pressure and go at my own pace to finish this, even if it was really slow.
Now don't get me wrong. This is not me downing myself, but rather me knowing exactly what the future will hold for this series.
I am viewing this realistically. And my Game is something that won't make most enjoy it. In fact, I think this Series was build for masochists lmao.
Now what do I mean by that? It's simple, really. You got to have some MASSIVE patience with this one. Even if it does end early, the real Game has only begun after you've beaten it. And usually post game stuff isn't exactly looked at most of the time.
I am a HUGE sucker for post game content. That's not to say that the core story doesn't make me enjoy it to the fullest, but I usually look forward to finding more about a videogame after it ends. This Series will be dedicated to those sorts of games. And by the end, you would wish for your own sanity to come back, because most of the journey will be you going through 200 different kinds of hell.

And this does NOT mean I will make it purposefully painful. No, I would actually want to further develop and improve on my mistakes with the next Game. I want to give the sequel an entire different identity from this one. I will make it better in every single way, if my abilities to do so would allow it.
First I would like to clean up the mess I left behind in the first project. Ever since I have picked up to remake the game, I have been developing with a severe case of working unorganized. And let me tell you... you would not want to take a peak at my project through developers lenses.
Besides that, I would also finally be able to write character interactions. Since Tod is finally mature enough to talk in the sequel, you can expect some character moments and scenes that I will work on very hard. It will be very fun for me.

Anyway, back to the point at hand.
Guess what this final update holds... double the playtime from the previous build. I know, I've done it again!
From only a 6 hour experience with the core story and post game content, I have created more than 15 hours of game time with this new update. And most of these are actually just the challenges lol.

There is also a very very elaborate meta puzzle I have created... probably. I don't actually know how elaborate it is, but I needed to write it all down in a notepad and memorize stuff...
You'll be the judge of that, if you happen to tackle it.
But be warned. You won't be starting this if you haven't beaten the hard parts. So it essentially boils down to you beating the videogame, beating the post game content, gaining all medals, going through each and every challenge and only THEN you can finally start to tackle the puzzle.
Insane, I know. Nobody will see "The End" screen, because I liked how absolutely mindnumbingly complicated it was.
"Does that whole thing have anything to do with the future games?" Why, I am glad you asked, random anon. Yes... yes it does. In fact, I hope to achieve to give you the greatest treasure from all of this. And I hope some of you will be determined enough to find EVERYTHING.

And with that, I will now let you play the Video Game already...
I can't believe I actually managed to release a game. Back in 2015, when I made the joke version, I would have never believed that I would go back to it and remake it into this... whatever the hell it is.
I'm glad I don't know what it is myself, because that means more fun for me to figure it out in the future entries, hehehehehehe.

If I could describe this game with only one sentence then it would go something like this:
This Game is a beautiful, frustrating, chaotic but fulfilling mess and I love this unhealthy child of mine.

Ok, enough. I already said to go play it already, you don't need another paragraph.

There is only one final thing I would like to announce.
The previous Blog had a very vague and probably confusing Title... you know why?
That's because it is the sub-title for the next game in the series, called:
Tod II ~ Contemporary Animosity
Follow the sequel here: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9639/
(holy crap, this hasn't been updated in years, yikes...)

Thank you for reading. I wish you all well and happiness in Life, unless you play my game, then I wish you eternal torture :))))))
Until next time folks! You'll hear from me in Contemporary Animosity again!


Game Design

The Contemporary Animosity

Here's the follow-up I talked about earlier talking about things to come in the sequel(s).

I sincerely apologize for the length of this.

This blog will go into details about upcoming plans and ideas regarding the sequels of this videogame. Spoilers are ahead for pretty much every aspect and nook and cranny thing for this series. Keep in mind that this is all hypothetical and I will probably drop 75% of the ideas I have in the future, because of:
A: lack of understanding on how to implement thing
B: lack of interest in further developing the idea
C: limitations of the (insert any*) engine.
*most likely going to be VX

I like my games challenging and thought invoking. But what I like the most is originality in already existing gameplay aspects.
Due to a bug(?) in the tankentai script, I have created a mechanic that might or might not have been used in other games. The bug being that you can guard at any given time once the guard command is selected.
This bug has given me the opportunity to fiddle around the aspect of reflex based gameplay. It has also given me the idea of hotkey command selection I.e. pressing D key for the Guard command. Unfortunately, this is only true for this one simple command, but I would like to further evolve it into a deeper state of interactivity during turns.
My thoughts for the sequels would be to implement a dodge system, that allows you to evade attacks. This would be one of the more ambitious ideas, so I don't expect it to actually come to fruition at all, but what this essentially boils down to is a small rythm game you play during someones turn, if it is a damage based skill that they throw at you. Obviously I would also want skills that ignore that aspect and skills that would help out in that regard.
This is how it would work:
An enemy is about to attack with a skill that has a pretty long animation. During that animation, it will create a slow circle around your players and basically in all rythm game fashion, another circle slowly approaches and shrinks towards the other circle. Hitting the guard command at the exact same time the circle is inside the other cirlce gives you a dodge. Hitting too early will give you a Guard. Hitting too late, will do nothing.
So basically it is a risk vs. reward sort of deal.
I would want it to show up at specific times and have it move at specific speed as well, not just the same thing every time.
I highly doubt this will become a reality, but throwing this idea out there isn't really going to hurt me.

Another idea, I had previously, was to implement a punishment system. Unfortunately it proved very difficult to implement via. conditional branches and switches alone. The idea behind this is to punish the player for using overpowered stuff for bosses/special strong enemies. On the other hand, I had an additional thought for this: you can also punish the enemies.
For the punishment system, I would simply show a bar filling up the meter beneath the enemy/show it in the bottom menu for the characters. For every unfair* move done to the enemy/you, the meter would fill up to 5 small bars. Once it reached it's limit, the enemy/you are able to counterattack immediently, regardless of turn order. The punishment for you would simply be the desperation skills from the first game. I think that would fit them more, than just simply being at low health and using it every 50th turn. I would also want to decrease the meter in some way and give special states the ability to increase it for 2 at a time than 1 and so on.
I would like to think that this is harder to implement than the dodge rythm game idea, but I don't know. I feel like you could still do some of it just with conditional branches + switches.
*Unfair moves being, weaknesses/applied state conditions/special circumstances revolving around gameplay focused story aspects... aka. cinematic gameplay, lol

Now let's actually talk about an idea I had waaaay before I even began to remake this game and one that will most likely work with not much effort: Conversations with enemies/Interactions with enemies.
This was still in the back of my head, when I typed it out in the blog section of Tod 2 a couple years ago. (All blogs from that game are gone now, because I wanna start fresh... don't judge!)
Because of (story:)
a timeskip of 2 years, where Tod is older and has all of his conscience in Tod 2,
he will be able to interact with other fellow beings... at least with some that have intellect and aren't just braindead monsters.
Originally I planned this feature for the third game, but because of (story), I kinda thought it would be cool to introduce it earlier and flesh it out entirely in the third game. Oh yeah, anyone remember Tod 3? If not, I can't blame you, because I never shared that game on this site, but it is basically entirely inspired by Undertale... and you already know where this is going!
However, in the second game, I would like for it to play a less bigger role, because of (story).
There's no doubt in my mind that I can't do this feature, so I guess I will promise to implement it, because I like the idea of it being in the second game already.

Additional ridiculous wish: better game performance...
I would love it, please oh my god.

Last word:
I know that many times I have been told to switch engines for things I would like to have. But switching for me means a great cost, because it would not only alienate me from my current visions, but would also mean I would have to rebuild a lot of assets with different scripts and most importantly the gameplay aspects. I don't deny all of the things that are currently in the game are possible in Ace or MV even. For me, it would mean a lot if I could just simply stay with VX until the third game. There are too many things I would need to learn and be comfortable with, to rebuild the things I have been working on for the past 3+ years. Not to mention, I cannot script at all and I would need to research scripting in order to make the gameplay function as it does in VX. It would also mean to start from scratch for me... again. And yes, I'm tired of that. I would rather follow my vision, instead of rebuilding it again. I'm happy with what I have and I would rather beg for some bread crumbs, then hunt for countless fish in the ocean right now...

Since this is all story stuff, you get to see a spoiler tag open up a giant novel in real time!
Tod 2 has you started out in a wasteland, with lots of rain. You killed the baddy and depending on if you were determined or not, you already know what is going to happen next... but not really.
Soon after the intro boss, you get introduced to a very look alike character that is in your party... that being the protagonist Tod! dundundun (In the original joke game, you wouldn't even meet this character until he reveals himself at the very end of the game. So that's already a drastic change. lol)
Now, players who only played until the normal ending won't recognize this character because
the ones who saw the true ending, also saw this new character show up at the very end.

The theme for this game is sins, desires and overall more indepth personality driven experiences. It's the game where Tod will go through the most drastic changes in his life. Think of these games as this:
The first game has you playing a toddler seeing what the world is like and what is happening.
The second game has you playing a teenager who rebels against his own, already decided for him, future.
And the third game is to cope with all of the changes that affect/affected him. Be it in a good way or... even a bad way. Which is why the third game is going to continue being an Undertale ripoff inspiration.

Obviously you GOTTA talk about existentialism in a game about Death. My idea for this entire series revolves around Life itself. So don't be surprised to see philosophy show up in your game about a chicken wielding a scythe. And the best way I could show this, is by simply having Tod go through crisis-es...
Real original, right?
But hey, this is basically the plan for the overall story. Since Tods name is in the game, it's mostly about him. Of course I won't neglect the other characters. In fact, I am actually in LOVE with what I'm about to cook up for them! Hopefully you'll be excited by what that will be, because I am!

I wanted to tap my foot into story building in the first game. That's why it's rather tame in that department. You can expect the story bits and character arcs to pick up in the second game, promise.

If I know one thing about myself and something that I'm extremely proud of, then it's that I can think of scenarios that make me shed a tear physically. It might not be the same as actually writing down the script, but I try regardless and it's a lot of fun to do so as well! I can't tell you it's going to be good though, since I actually never even attented like, story writing schools or whatever the heck they do. lmao (Maybe I should research that...)

And yeah, that's pretty much it... I actually wanted to write more, but I kinda figured that giving out too much info in regards to the story would actually damage the experience a bit, so I had to pedal down a bit.
And explaining the lore would take away the work I put into it, so... meh!

It's no secret, seeing with my game, that I like to make things cinematic. You can expect this to move up somewhat in quality in the next game. Just like with the story, I wanted to tap my foot into making this stand out from the rest of the RPG maker games.
In a way, it still looks like an RPG maker game, but it's hard to get that flair of off the games you make, because it's so recognizable.
When playing through my game, I realized that it actually feels less and less like a standard RPG maker game experience. Maybe it's because of the engine that everyone already abandoned, or the way I create my experiences like actual old JRPGs, but I feel like I can say that my game stands out if you play it for a couple minutes. And I'm really glad of that!

My best features would be my pixelart skills. Funnily enough, it's not necessarily my most enjoyable trait to have, because it's a chore to do pixelart sometimes, but I'm still thankful to have somewhat of an artistic skill.
In terms of visual direction, I would like to own every single pixel, but unfortunately that would turn out to be a lot of work, with the already many things that I need to do that clamper my time away. I focus mostly on characters and their respective designs and I think that's good enough.

I am extremely thankful that people have free to use assets/assets you can buy that I can use for my game. It may make things less personal, but It's appreciative in terms of saving myself some time and stress. It helps focus on more important things for me.

Now the most notable and sad subject I have to talk about is the music of my game.
You have to know something about me and that is that I am an extremely stingy person when it comes to music. It's by far the most important aspect to me.
The fact that I have to use soundtracks from other videogames saddens me, really.
The reason I use them, is because it helps me create my visions and my ideas. Now the problem lies in actually changing the music in accordance to the visions I created...
First I pick a soundtrack from a videogame I like, then I think of a scenario to that track and boom! It makes me feel like it fits perfectly together. The hard part is changing the tone and feel of the music to that of an original track...
I am no composer. And I already had hired 3 composers that would work for me in the past. Unfortunately, none of them were passionate enough to even play the game.
I wanted someone who would understand the same feel I had, when I created these scenarios and unfortunately it's an impossible task, because my mind is hard to read, even if I do explain what kind of feelings I have and what mood I want.
I have stopped looking for a composer now, because I don't think I would ever want someone who isn't as passionate about the project as I am.
Of course, the alternative would be to make music myself. And for once I'm not going to actually rat out and make excuses as to why I don't want to do that. I actually do wanna make music in the future, so I will try and persue that eventually... it will just take me some time.
I'm still welcoming composers, but only those that are passionate about the project. I'm sorry to say it like that, but music is too important for me to treat it like it's not special to me. Music is by far the greatest factor in creating ideas and visions for my game. If my vision and the music don't fit together, I'm more than just unhappy about it.
You could argue that I only used megaman zero tracks for the first game, but you'd be surprised how well it fits inside my head. Also the original 1 week game was also formed entirely on the concept of megaman-ish... stuff.
That's why you see a boss rush at the end and references to megaman a lot lmao.
For these upcoming games, I have mixed in a bit of other soundtracks from other games to be more diverse in terms of feels, because the story picks up and what not.
It's weird, I know. I can't help it. That's how it works best for me for now.

Teamwork/Not Solodeving
Surprise surprise! A forth subject has appeared, because I like having big blogs! Don't worry, this one is short.

Yeah, in regards to the music thing: I am not only looking for a composer, but also for people that generally want to help out in any way. I would also like testers to play through my game, because I'm tired doing that myself now. lmao
I know it's probably too much to ask for, but I'm looking for scripters who can help me out with stuff in RGSS2 as well.

In the final blog post I will actually, finally, give a link to an official discord server for these games. I'm sure some are eager to yell at me for doing mistakes and now you can!
I just, uh... have to create the server first lol

PUUUH! Thanks for reading this... or literally skipping through to the end, I don't care, because this killed me.

This took me 3 hours to write and it's past midnight... sorry if something sounds incohesive, but that's just me being tired rn

Uh... well then. See you at the final blog post of this game, whenever that's going to be.

Much love to the people that follow me, you guys do me a solid, even if you don't say anything! <3


Progress Report

Russian Roulette

I've been lazy. These past few months had me sweating. Needed to prepare myself mentally for the move in August.

Anyway, sorry about that.

I wanted to talk about the next Tod game. But first I wanted to close this game off with a little more background information, regarding on what the hell is actually happening with/in this game and what the hell it is really about.
I also wanted to talk about future ideas for sequels and the possibilities of implementing them inside the games.
I will (hopefully) thoroughly explain on what I want for the sequels to happen in an upcoming blog. It will probably be a huge list to read (Just like every other blog basically, but bigger lol) and there will proooobably be spoilers ahead, but I will mark them as such, if I fail to find a way to mask them properly.
It will be about 3 main sections: Gameplay, Story progression/Character development/lore explanation/etc. and visuals/music.

As for this game, I did mention that it was pretty much done. But I guess I kinda lied about that.
The major story is done. But in the current build, important things are missing that are a major part of the upcoming games.
For example, the medals. They don't do jack shit and they are a base of information you can acquire on what the hell is actually happening with the overall world you are involved with. For the majority of the medals, they do 3 things: Character and/or Monster background and/or information, Secrets about the character and/or strategy(As in battle strategy) and an entirely secret thing involving around ALL medals aquired. And you sure as hell can expect me to make every medal be worth a damn!

Aquiring the medals is a hard thing and it's intentionally so.
When you play through the game normally, you can get to the credits and end the game there. You will receive a medal for the ending and you can move on to the next game. From there on, if you have a medal for an ending, you will simply put it into the password section and be asked to put in additional passwords for additional things you have encountered in the previous game.
The new game option in the next games is basically you just getting through the games normally and ending it on the credits.
As for how that even works story wise, I will explain rn:
When ending on the normal ending(what a sentence) you would think that there isn't much left to do in the game. There are two scenarios a player goes through, depending on the players attitude towards the game:
1. I guess that's the ending, I don't think there's anything left to do.
2. That's it? I don't understand at all! There has to be something else!

Because of these two individuals, I have set up the story so that it would work for both players. Now keep in mind that the 2nd player has gone through the optional stuff and now knows more than the first player.
The first player assumes this is the end and nothing is left. So he starts up the 2nd game and simply thinks nothing has happened inbetween, but just a simple time skip. Tod, in the normal ending, also has no idea what happened in between.
Ok, this is already where the bullshit starts, but whatever, I still like it: Tod has no memories of it all because he was simply too young and not conscience enough to have remembered it all. However, characters will ask you for these missing links and since basically everyone in your party is a mute, you will only encounter baddies telling you (what seems to be to the player and Tod)lies.
Amazing, I know.
Tod is you, the main protagonist and my intention is it to resemble Tod in your determined playthrough of the previous games... or the lack thereof.

As I have established it before, this is a meta game. I'm not going to hide this fact from you. In fact, maybe knowing this fact will be a beneficial factor in winning on whatever bullshit I have in store for you.

I will reward ONLY those who are willing enough to go through it all. You can also make it a team effort if you want, but where will be the fun in your own self reflection if you do that?

Do I tell you too much?
Since I am the creator and I am the only one who can really answer this question: no.
In fact, you might be lead of the path, for all you know.

This series holds a secret. And it is today that I claim there to be a secret.
Albeit, I tell you so in a blog, hidden behind a spoiler tag. lmao

Even with all that, I don't take it too seriously. (as seen with my laziness) It is ambitious, yes, but I do not really think I CAN'T do it... because most of the things I plan to implement are possible, even for me. And if something doesn't go right, whatever, shit happens I suppose.
Yeeeeeah, I GUESS it will take about 20 years to finish this, but what else do I have to do in my life? lol

With the ending in sight, I also plan to do a little trailer for the game. I already know how it would look like, so hopefully I can move my butt to animate it all in sony vegas.

Thx for reading, determined reader. I hope today has not been just a waste of time, with my now current published novel.


Year 19

Been 2 weeks since release and I haven't touched the game yet. (apart from fixing one simple thing)

I don't think this year will be too eventful in terms of production, but I do plan on releasing a much smaller game this year. It will be connected to the Tod series.
My plan was it to create a small game about a small girl going around town to figure out rumors about (insert important people) and diving into their minds. (magically) And during these scenarios, you'll play a touhou styled bullethell game to literally face and beat bad thoughts.
The game is going to be made in... you'll never guess, RPG maker VX. (wow)

I dunno... I found a touhou script and then my brain flashed with ideas on how to make the series make more sense without me trying to hide too much. Because I don't like to literally put everything important at the very end of something. You gotta spread it out a little bit, y'know? (Also I was in a touhou rush last year, which made me become obsessed, so why not?)

Anyways, that's my plan. I'll finish the rest of Tod 1 and then start on making that short danmaku.

Also thx for all the downloads! I know 16 isn't really much, but I'm happy enough if at least one of you played it!
Obviously I can aim for more, but I rather focus my strength on something else.
However, I had plans to at least make a trailer for the first game to slightly boost it's growth. Who knows, that might be fun?



It's out!

But of course, not before I tell that it's still not actually fully done!
There's still Hard Mode stuff to add and the whole password thing is useless at the moment (except for 3 challenge passwords, lol), because... well frankly, I wanted to finish the more important aspects first.

But that's a-ok for me, as I actually busted my ass off this entire month!
As I type this, I can still feel my fingers a little hurting, but whatever.

I done it! This experience is basically over! The passwords are just a little extra lore about enemies and what not anyway, so that can wait.
And I doubt anyone hardly awaits the excitement that is Hard Mode. And I say that knowing fully well that I am going to plant it in the future anyway.

I'm more than happy with how this turned out! Of course, there's still some annoying things to deal with, such as random crashes in battles, but hopefully I'll find how to fix it soon.

Enjoy the (basically) full package experience! I'm going to bed for an entire year.
See ya'!

Oh yeah... there's a subtitle to this game now. You like it? Since this is going to be a series, I might as well give each a memorable title.

Anyway, have fun. I'm gone 'til next year and joke about how it's been a year since I released my game with my normie friends.

Progress Report

Climax fatale

Next month, it's gonna be it. Once the clock on the 31st day hits 00:00, I'll have to stop adding crap into the game and fixes and just release it like it is... uh, but in case there's still gonna be missing something, I'll probably move the date to like a week after that, so that I at least have all the things I promised.
This'll be the last blog before the release.

I guess I can just share what I learned from all of this and what the heck made me want to continue to work on this godforsaken game for so long.
I told this story earlier, about how this series just started out as a joke. The edgy me 3 years ago liked to fuck about his day and just distract himself with something to do. Meanwhile, I was working(Or at least tried to) develop a massive game filled with content and... just straight up bizarre visions of a game I had in mind doing. Over the years I realized just how stupid those visions were, but nonetheless, I still applaud myself for at least trying to stand out and be creative with my work. In the end, I never finished this big project and I doubt I'll return to it anytime soon. Now my entire focus is headed towards making this bad, edgy, joke series into a fully fledged ridiculous emotional ride.
I always had a kink for games with bizarre things happening inside of them and I tried to make a strange meta-narrative for a long time now. But over the years, I realized just how many of these kinds of games came out and I just felt completely down for not being able to be fast enough to compete with them. It wasn't really my intention to win, anyway. I just kind of wanted to say that I, too, was doing something of the kind for a long time. And I guess In a way I did, but my work never showed itself, because of a variaty of problematic things happening to me, ranging from personal issues to mental health problems to not having any motivation in my life to go on with the game.
But now that I'm almost done with 1/4 of the entire Tod Series, I can breath with ease knowing that I have released something. After all, no matter how I look at it, my dream is and always will be to make games that not only catch your attention in a weird way, but also stand out on their own.
I still think I could've gotten away with something better. But for my very first serious game, I think I should just accept that I cannot hit the nail on the coffin on my first try.

Well, with these sappy thoughts out of my brain, I thank you guys for showing interest. I hope I can deliver something that will at least make you go "Oh, that was neat!"

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