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Progress Report


Another month gone and I'm actually getting a LIL' anxious.
Doesn't mean I didn't do anything, though. In fact, this month is yet another "Oh shit! I better start taking this seriously!" month.


Since last month was boring, how about I showcase some of these "secrets"?
I'll spoiler it out, but basically, I wanna take the time to clarify that there is indeed tons of mysteries/hidden objectives and oddities to be found. Doesn't necessarily mean they'll be answered in this game, but perhaps they will be important in a later game? I dunno? Maybe? You think I, the dev, would know? Maybe? Perhaps? I don't if I know? Ok I stop, how about you just look at this gif. (If you want to)

This is one of many a couple hidden areas. This one is debatably important. Visiting this will give you some clarification in a later entry.
You see, I made tons of these... like, maybe tons, I dunno, but the better thing to mention is that they are there. You just gotta loooook for them. I know, scary.

Important Edit: The dumb I am, I forgot to mention the more important fact of these things. Like I mentioned in the game description, you can choose to start of KNOWING about these secrets/hidden areas/events if you have the password for them. (aka. Just visit secret area/fight secret boss etc. will give you the password) They will play a somewhat huge role later on, but I do wanna mention that, yes, you might WANT to deliberately go back to earlier entries to find out the more important aspects of these secrets. It is tedious, yes.
But I chose it this way, because I wanna make you work for it YOU LAZY BUM.

Anyway, look at this snowboarding minigame.

Progress Report

There goes another month

Ye, but this month was boring.

Just a bunch of fixes, balancing and no fancy stuff in between at all.
Just figured I'd let you know, since I do want to update once a month at the very least.

Also holy moly, the year is already 3/4 done and I still need to add a bunch of modes. lmao
Let's see if another wonder-month will do the trick.

eh... yeah...
I guess I can leave you with this, I dunno...

Numbers can be satisfying, I heard.

Progress Report

Lvl.1 challenge is done

So that was easy to set up. The hardest part was beating the challenge myself... lol.

So it's not exactly how I wanted it, but this is just fine.
Originally what I was planning to do with this challenge was to let you never gain any exp and let you figure out on your own on how to defeat the bosses. Turns out, some... if not most are impossible after you entered the final area.

So I -unfortunetaly- had to give you some extras, to make sure it's not to infuriatingly hard and rng based.
These things include:
-extra passives at the start of the game (Revive upon death once, half SP(mp) consumption, Never receiving critical hits, First Turn start and Super Guard, 1/4 damage reduced, instead of the usual 1/2. These apply to every party member.
-A skill only available in this mode: "Iron Will". Upon use, you will recover all of the users SP(mp) and recharge your Revive passive. It's an instant use and can be used outsite of battle with no costs, basically allowing you to be always full on everything everytime.
-The punishment system does not apply in the Lvl.1 challenge. (The system I was talking about earlier, that hasn't even started developing yet lol)
-More starting Items
-ALL of the enemies and Boss's stats have been reduced. This isn't even noteworthy, but it does make things slightly easier. (It's not noteworthy, because all the passives and the skill basically make you invincible and you just have to brainstorm every fight, without slipping up.)

The one downside is, that you cannot retry fights... as that apparently leads to some messy fights, where, if you were to retry, you would lose all your passives on your first turn, which isn't... good. lol
So see that as an extra, unintentionally added challenge. (GL on that final fight with that >>>>>:D)

Now to get onto hard mode and make a hard mode version of this...
Yup, I love torturing myself first to ensure I make a product that tortures others!

Progress Report

Chilling, but not really

Yo, since that June month I've been on hold of my project... except it's a lie and I apparently can't let it go now.

In July I did some nifty stuff and I compiled all the junk I made into a video. (because that's how I do things these days apparently.)

First, I'd like to grab your attention with the new intro to the first Game. I always thought that the first Game had a lackluster beginning, by just throwing you into the action, with absolutely no context. NOW... you can enjoy a little bit more of a cinematic approach with even LESS context than before! Yay!
jk, it may actually give you a little bit more background info to Tod himself, with some nice edgy and pretentious aesthetics!
You may have noticed the music, and not because it's from a particular popular franchise, but you may have noticed that it had multiple parts to it that build up the more you progressed.
I actually have made an entire tutorial on how to achieve such a task in YOUR game too! Just beware that I attempted to explain this while being half asleep, therefore my english sucking at most moments.
You can find the Tutorial here: https://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/2555/ (keep in mind that this is a VERY situational use of the song progression, so you might need some additional tools for your project)

Next up is the Cutscene skip after the long intro, where I perform it right after the game asks me if I want to view the Tutorial first or not.
So, this is technically already done in June and I haven't even mentioned that it is also currently in the recent demo (only for a few cutscenes in the beginning though), but you can perform the Cutscene skip ONLY if you hold down A before the cutscene starts. It's done purely through conditional branches and no scripting, so I had my hands tied a little, but it's better then nothing... I guess...

And lastly I show off a nice addition to the battles for your own brainsake.
The Hotkeys I performed in the Video will help you react to certain actions faster, than by just simply moving the cursor over to the desired Command. This is done, because I just LOVE (as you know) talking about the Guard mechanic and how awesome it is! In case you live under a rock, the Guard mechanic is basically a phenomena that just happened by accident... (probably).
I have a script, a very controversial one, as I've been told and that script kinda messed with the Guard command. So by pressing the Guard command, basically WHENEVER, you will be guarded. It's as simple as that, really. So that hotkey to the Guard option is now SUPER life saving and adds so much reaction to the whole mix and what not.
But Guard is not the only command, that has received a hotkey.
Here's all 4 of them:
'A' Button = Attack (This will not make you attack a random enemy, but instead just target something with the current Allies turn.)
'S' Button = Skill (This just opens up the skill list of the current Ally)
'D' Button = Guard (The sole reason this hotkey nonsense is even a thing and basically only build for it. Upon pressing 'D' with a current allies turn, you will Guard immediently.)
'W' Button = Supplies (Same as Skill, but opens the Item menu instead.)

BIG thanks to A-Moonless-Night for the big help with this mechanic: http://a-moonlessnight.blogspot.com/

With how much I add to the game, you'd think it will become extremely complicated one day, but nah... it's just still the same RPG maker engine, with just a ton of convincing looking make-up. lol

Let's see what this month brings me.


It's over 9000 THOUSAND GAME VIEWS!!!!!

Did I get your attention with this dated reference? Good, because I've got some terrible news for you... which are actually great for me, because it means I get to see you suffer. (Thx for so many views btw. I really, like, actually appreciate it!<3)

From the extensive work last month I barely got to playtest my own game and when I did, it was only to fix certain event issues and just some random bugs here and there.
This isn't exactly new to me, but you can actually abuse certain mechanics in battle and HERE is where the actual announcement comes into play!

I am announcing the PUNISHMENT system!
Sounds fun, right? No you'll hate it... probably...
It's more likely that you'll find it neat, rather than annoying, because I can say that I am somewhat confident in making things fun. But that's my judgement of myself and considering nobody judges my games ever, I just assume they are great.

Anywho, the Punishment system is something I literally thought about when playing through the game and realizing you can break it easily.
So what will it do?
It will make sure that you:
-get punished for using too many exploitable things (such as weaknesses, status effects and abusing desperation moves too many times.)
-get a tough time during boss fights.
-can get through the game easily solo, because the punishment system will only work if you have 2 or more party members (so basically up until the vulcano area, for those that neglect their party members... also did you know you can gain some nice additional stuff if you go through the areas fast enough? Yeah, the cat might've explained it pretty vague, might be even impossible at the current demo, now that I think about it...)
-maybe even build that into the story somehow... but I'll try not to be too ambitious with it.***

That's all I had to say really... hope you like what I've planned out.

Looks like the game is far from over for me...


BIG Demo is here! Tell me all about them glitches and bugs!

Seriously... this month ate me away. BIG progress, yet still not done!

Thanks for the patience, hope you guys like the weird story and combat. I know it's most likely not the best, but I tried real hard to make it into a thing.
I also hope that my Tutorial, that I totally didn't forget about and rushed these past few hours, will inform you greatly on how to play the game well.

Anyway, I'm big beat... time to procrastinate for this month... and feel real good about myself, because that previous month totally made me happy that I did manage to pull such a big thing. Like, I'm SUPER proud of myself!

Hope you guys have a blast, until next time! :)

Progress Report

1 week left

This just in, I did a crap ton of work! And it's all thanks to the very last sentence in the last blog post. I made the deadline, tried to remind myself what to do in each day and made it happen. Currently I'm behind the schedule, BUT that's my personal stretch goal I set for myself! With that said, I can conclude that the demo is already done and I'm just adding extra things until July 1st arrives.

So apparently a deadline made me like 70% more active than before, because I LITERALLY added almost all of the feature in only THAT ONE MONTH. (Well, the promised ones and some got cut, because I didn't liked them.)

As it stands, I am EXTREMELY proud of my progress and can't wait to publish the BIG demo.

Like I said, it's pretty much the whole game, but missing modes and what not.

However, keep in mind that I was sitting on that game day after day and I looked at every single thing multiple times and I STILL think that some things may bug out and some may even be left missing. I added more than I fixed, but I did my best so that you wouldn't find these sort of things easily.

To give you a perspective: I can't find anything at the moment either, but I am 200% sure there's something... (some things I looked at 100 times others I only looked at like 5 times... it varies)

I mean... that's probably good, but I just wanna make super sure lol

Anyway... only 1 week left. Tell your friends tell your neighbors and presidents to play Tod when it inevitably comes out on July 1st 2018.

This has been Shinderella, signing out...


You guys ready for an extensive demo? I hope I am too.

Yoooooooooo, I'm not dead!
In fact, I actually managed to squeeze quite a lot into the first game and am almost ready to say that the base game is done and I only have to do the small fry stuff! :)

However, it's STILL going to be a demo... that is actually the full game, but without the cool extra modes I was planning on adding (more on that later).

These past few months I was planning to construct a sensible approach to progression in my game. And because I like liniarity but also ignoring the good stuff, I made it so that you have to unlock your Skills in a nice non-boring way.
That said, it still has something to do with grinding... hold up, it actually never had anything to do with grinding, because you got the skills just like that in the previous versions...
So eh, yeah I guess you have to grind, but I promise it won't be tedious and I already inserted a nice way to grind lots of whatever it is you need to grind for. :P
A new thing you have to grind for is passive abilites to help you along the way, but understandably they are going to cost more, since I have yet to find a way to make passives switch out for other passives. (Without me doing tedious CBs).
The currency for all that, or the things you have to grind is not money, but something you can even consume to gain a little bit of your SP (that's basically MP in my game) back. You'll see what it will be and I think it'll make more sense with context.
That said, these things aren't the only thing I added to the games. A few extras have been thrown on it to help you along get even buffer than usual and my absolute favorite I like doing in games, are extra bosses of course.

Like I mentioned above, I will add additional modes after the demo has been released. Keep in mind that these are basically just addons at this point.

These modes are:
Lvl1 (normal) = Gain no exp and finish the game with only 1 lvl.
Lvl1 (hard) = As mentioned above, but harder lol
Time Attack (normal) = Finish the game in under 50 minutes.
Time Attack (hard) = Finish the game in under 45 minutes.
Lvl1 Time Attack(N) = Finish the game, while never gaining exp, in under 40mins.
Lvl1 Time Attack(H) = Finish the game, while never gaining exp, in under 35mins.
Ultimate Mode = Victory Lap (unlocked after beating every other mode)

I know what you are thinking "Some of these seem ridiculous and I am scared." Don't worry lads, I'll make sure you will have a hard time, but at the same time I will make sure it's fair and square... that is if you find the right strategy and exploit the Game in the right place.

Speaking of fair and square, you guys need to learn the basics as well, so I have added a nice Tutorial at the start screen for you to enjoy. I hope it explains things for you well, if not... I guess I have to go back to the drawing board.
AND speaking of start screen, you will get a Password option to let you unlock these modes. Yeah... that's how it works. Technically you can play these modes anytime, but ya' know... I'll just throw in a password every now and then for you in the games, if you feel like challenging yourself.

Anyway, I rambled enough. It's been long and tough, but I almost finished TOD 1 for the 3RD time... lol

And to end it all I will announce a release date for this demo to move my butt a little faster with it: 7.01.18
THERE, NOW I CAN'T RUN AND PROCRASTINATE! IT WILL BE DONE AT THAT EXACT DATE AND IF NOT... then say mean things to my Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShinNessTen


Progress Report

Moving on

Hey, I made the thing work that I complained about and almost childishly quit because of it. Well... almost. Let's just say it's good enough and I won't mention anything else to make it look like it's completed in the end, so that nobody will go back to this post and see what I couldn't fix.

Anyway, I think I never mentioned that I am aiming to get this Game done this Year.
Since I'm always slow and don't usually try very hard for my Projects on some Days, I think it'll give me some more motivation if I aim for that. Speaking of motivation... *cough*SUPPORT ME ON PATREON*cough*

Thanks for sticking around, you 4! :) I'll make you proud, moms and dads!

Progress Report



wait, wrong series...
As you can see I have fun doing stupid references instead of actually trying to fix bugs...
Whatever, at least it'll look neat.

(Obviously the other 2 will get theirs too.)
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