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Wild Duck Slicing Things in Half IN HD!!!

It's been almost 4 Months now since I released a Gif of 4 Dudes doin' their thing in some weird Ruin Area.

Today, I would like to announce a newly designed TOD 1... Update!!! From a disaster 1 week Project, to a fully fledged short 2 Hour JRPG.

What has been added!?
I can tell you for a Fact, the things I promised in the last Blog aren't in this Version, HOWEVER, you know me and my grip for making Battles more fun and engaging! I made it look cooler and the Story now DOESN'T SUCK! IN FACT, I'M ALMOST READY TO SAY IT'S SOMEWHAT ENGAGI-... no... I'm not ready yet! It's still too far from being interesting. And I'm not neglecting the Features I promised, I tried, I really did... The fact that I'm still using VX is just not helping this Game grow any faster! The "Interactable Ambushes" is proving to be an Eventing Nightmare! The Puzzles... I was never really fond of Puzzles and don't know how to stick one inside an action based Game like this... it's not really action based, but the things I put in this Game just don't scream "HOLD STILL AND THINK!" but rather "NO TIME TO LOSE, BETTER BRING IT ON NOW!" I think... I might actually scrap that Idea altogether, unless some Puzzle Genuis helps me out with some quick maths... I mean quick Puzzles.

And yes, I am looking for more Force on the Dev Battlefield, but you're not gonna get paid, because I am already paying a musician and I don't fancy the Idea of becoming an actual Dev anyway. This is a Hobby I'd like to stay a Hobby and not a Job. Only those who are interested and think I can make a good Game can help me out here. And as much as I say feedback is important, I do not really care about anyone else's opinion UNLESS it's Work based and you ACTUALLY HAVE GOOD POINTS. I'm not gonna change a Sunshine Ray, because the Shadows are weirdly placed or something unimportant to the everyday Eye... they'll barely even notice. And If I can forgive Games for being bad sometimes, I also can forgive myself for at least being a little bit lazy. I do this for Fun and not profit. So if I say, this looks good enough, you have to trust me that it just looks good enough. I am only willing to put this much effort into it when I'm enjoying myself. And from this Game Version you can tell that I have a pretty dedicated Time in learning this weird ATB Tankentai Battlesystem. Granted, I could make the bestesd flippin' animation ever, but I am only giving you so much, because the thrill lies in the Journey and not the Destination.
What am I even talking about...
Maybe this is just a brainwashing technique to make you join my Team... WELL, EVEN IF, IS THAT SO BAD!? I'M NOT EVEN DOING ANY CRIMES, DO I!? AM I CRAZY!? yes

Anyway, I may not have many Followers for this Game, but I do appreciate every single one who gives this Game a Chance! :) As much as I hate receiving some Opinions that totally can just stay inside the Mind, I do still appreciate you trying to help me! Don't worry, this is just me being a usual Dick.

Time to list some Features, I guess:
- A new Damage Calculation System has been added, making it easier to predict how much an Enemy is going to do Damage to you etc. etc. etc.
- Status Effects/Debuffs will now either hit 100% of the Time or never.
- Scan now doesn't Scan every Enemy, but one with additional Information for Status Effects and Immunities to Elements
- Hard Mode is dead... because I needed to rearrange Skills, because it got out of hand lol
- New Plots and Twists... I guess...
- Items have a Cap now.
- Revive Crystal, for those out of Candy and SP at a cost of all your Party's HP
- I forgot if there was more, because it's been literally (I think) a Year since I played the 2nd Version

- And much more!... or that was actually it!

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/55qjwiszw533dxs/TOD+1+Yet+another+Test+Build%2C+but+now+Public.zip

I've also added it to the Download Link for the Game Page with the Addition of the VERY FIRST TOD VERSION! See how all these 3 Versions differ from each other and see how the fuck I even pulled off to make this Game as good as it is today.

Progress Report

You would not believe your eyes, if you saw these PNG Files

Going back to the first Game wasn't such a bad idea. In fact, it will make things much easier to handle in the last Game and it now actually makes sense/will make sense.

The probably biggest changes I've got for this 3rd Update are that the awful looking old Sprites were replaced by newer, better looking ones. (Also bigger, which equals more quality, I think)

Here are some new Sprites in Action:

This is still in the works, but I'm mostly done with them. I really enjoy the Animation I brought to existence and I hope you find them somewhat appealing as well. :)
Along with new better looking Sprites, I also (as you can clearly see) changed the environment/tilesets(mostly Celiannas Stuff), AGAIN. It still looked too... amatuerish for my taste and I'm pretty sure I will never be satisfied with how I made the areas look, but at least you can't tell me I didn't try!
Gameplay Stuff was also changed drastically and is more fun than ever.
I also plan on making interactable ambushes for the Player and Enemies, so that you are being attacked by a somewhat more forceful and intelligent A.I., rather than roaming around, doing nothing.
The rest like Puzzles, Passwords, etc. I haven't touched, but I really can't wait for the end result of the first area! It's like designing this Videogame all over again!

That's all I had to say, really.
Maybe I should plug my Dev Team on Twitter, because I mostly use Twitter as a form of social media and what not.
This Twitter is still new and I wanna bring it in a nice direction.
Mori Kreuz Dev Twitter
Yes, that's how I named it. I know, what else could I've named it? Dream Games Inc.!?

Cheers, fams! Have great day!


The urge for Perfection

"Dude, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to work on the third Game, as you mentioned?"
Aight... tell you what: I'm dumb.

I'm returning to this Game, because I just feel empty leaving it behind. I know you need to let your Kids go sometime and let them grow, but first I really need to prepare them for what they are about to face in the Future.
I want them to be polite, respect others and most importantly... be fully minded.
I really can't let things just go, because I feel the need to make them better... that doesn't only apply for creating a Video Game, but also for other things as well. The only difference here is, that this Video Game is my Property, and I can do whatever I want with it. I'm not gonna cherish it as some kinda perfect creation and worship it... because that would be super dumb. lol

Anyway, before I can move on with the last Game, I want to be EXTREMELY sure... that these other two will be a perfect Road to the last Game.

Here's what I had planning for these two:
- Puzzles
- Scattered Story Bits
- Passwords (More on that on a later Update)
Keep in mind, that it still WILL be a survival type Game without Inns, Shops, etc.

I would lie to myself if I didn't said that I intended them to be just mediocre Games, because I thought I might make it with the 3rd Game as a whole. To be honest... I don't even know why I was thinking that way. Maybe I wanted to prove something or I just simply didn't know what to do with these two Games. But now I do! ... sorta.

Whatever, who even reads this anyway. I'll mind my own business.
But if there are any who read this, then thank you! I really appreciate it that you took your Time to read this... now I'm just getting slimey, I should just not care... but that'd be rude... or...


Progress Report

About that Date...

Ya' know how i said TOD 2 would be finished around January?
I actually meant January 2018... Jokes aside, the normal mode is almost finished and ready to go. Just need to make some cosmetic changes and it's done.
As for Hard mode, you gotta wait for that. (Like anybody cares, lmao)

TOD 2 will almost be the same experience. Though i changed up some fights to be even shorter, more stressful and tactic... and added one more diverse path. BUT ONLY 1! lol
It may not win the award for best Game of all time, it may not beat all these other million games that are superiour, but i hope it's charm will win your heart. <3
With that said, if you haven't tried TOD 1 yet... i guess play it, so you understand what the hell is going on in the second Game. Though that's not necessary.

Sidenote: You remember how i mentioned in the previous Blog how i hired an Artist and a Musician? Guess what, i needed to search up another Artist because the previous one didn't seem to care and never delivered anything and the Musician... well... he's stuck in Limbo. Hopefully he will soon show me his first Track so i can brag about it. He probably needs some Fire in his heart to burn up the passion of composing, or... something.

PS: I gotta stop that ellipses crap....................

Game Design

The Creation of my Game and how it came to be

It has been like, what, 3 weeks now since i uploaded this to this website?
Fortunately for you guys, i'm working on the 2nd Game as i write this and progress has been going well. I hope to finish it around January and if that won't happen, then i guess i'm just stuck at something. Though, let's be honest... i am making a blog to further push my game out there! I'm not used to writing Blogs and this is my first one and i don't even know what the hell i'm doing. But i try and will make it good.

So today i would like to talk about how this game became a hit from shit.
1 Year ago i was making a really long game called Soul Effect and it was in development for over 7 years back then (which i'm still not done with, btw.) and i wanted to take a break and make something really small and silly. I had an idea where you would play as a black Chicken that wields a Scythe and kills stuff. I was like "Yeah, good enough..." and began working on it. I grabbed some(more like ALL) of the Assets from Soul Effect and made a strategy game out of it, that required you to actually use items when needed and not hord them. It became a survival RPG, because i didn't wanna bother making NPCs or other sprites.
And voilĂ ! After only 1 week of making things i created a stupid looking, buggy, inbalanced game that got over 100 downloads over the past year somehow. I was thinking, if there are so many people playing my game... i should probably make it better. And so here we are Months later with the 2nd Version of this game and i'm quite proud of it! It's became much better and in the style i would've liked it to be. I even hired an Artist and Musician to have better looking Art and custom Music. But Art and Music aren't done yet, so you have to wait for that for a couple more months.

Anyway, i hope that sheds some light into this game. I really want it to be good and i would also like a Reviewer or Let's Player of some sort to play it, so that i can have a feel of what it is to be like a game Designer.

That's it for now, thank you for taking your time to read this! :)
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