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The world is dead, ravaged by the misdeeds of a long-forgotten era. Towering ruins dotting the lands exist as monuments of fallen civilizations. Humanity is divided, sheltered in isolated colonies few and far between. A mysterious energy ravages the world, spawning horrific monstrosities heralding the nigh-extinction of all life on the planet.

Goatchild is a supernaturally-gifted woman with no true name nor any idea of how she came to be. Among the few beings with the power to single-handedly drive back the eternal scourge, her only desire is to survive as long as possible against a threat she can see no end to... until the emergence of a spawn more self-aware than all of its peers.

Goatchild: Advent of Vantelieth is an action game that attempts to blend engaging, bleak storytelling with in-depth combat and plenty of optional content in between. Challenge yourself against imposing foes and unravel the mystery to a never-ending struggle!

Gameplay Features:

  • A 100% original battle system designed for fast-paced action, light stealth mechanics and numerous options in dealing with your enemies. Goatchild: Advent of Vantelieth allows players to teleport around the environment at their leisure as they confront quick enemies face-to-face or with a selection of firearms, each unique in their own way, which can freely be switched on the fly. Hardcore gamers will enjoy the addition of advanced mechanics such as parrying and just-frame actions that are tricky to consistently perform, but by no means a necessity.

    A deliberately cryptic storyline that urges players to think.

    Plenty of optional content, including secret bosses, conditional cutscenes, player achievement badges, and more!

    Multiple difficulty levels.

    Pseudo-nonlinear exploration.

    A profound atmosphere made possible with carefully woven graphical effects.

Latest Blog

Secret's Out Ch. I

With the recent release of patch 1.4 of Goatchild: Nightmare, as well as finally having written an outline of Advent of Vantelieth's story from beginning to end, I've given myself a much clearer direction of how the game should progress in terms of both story and gameplay. This will definitely help me to release updates far more frequently than before once I've finished quite a long list of character sprites to be done. Fingers crossed!

With that said, I intend to speed up the development of Chapter 2 for a release later this year or sometime early next year, if I can manage it with my rather hectic schedule... so I figured now would be a good time to reveal the numerous secrets hidden within the first chapter! Note that this does not cover all minor details and MASSIVE SPOILERS will follow from here; read this at your own peril.


As mentioned previously, badges are achievements awarded to players for accomplishing a difficult task or discovering a well-hidden secret. Some badges are difficult to obtain even should a player know how to obtain it. The six badges hidden in the first chapter are obtained as follows:

Badge of Madcow's Bane (Easy/Normal/Hard):
See Secret Boss section.

Badge of the Squirrel Hunter:
Kill ALL of the Squirrels hidden in the woods during the hunting segment, before encountering the Garden of Mercy. Badge will be acquired after entering the cave.

Badge of Desperation:
Shoot Watcher during the chase sequence. This is the only instance in which Watcher can be shot without causing a game over.

Badge of the Golden Rat:
DO NOT kill the rat holding the Messenger's Key to obtain said key—interact with it instead. If the rat was spared, a golden rat will immediately spawn in the giant hallway leading to the Garden of Mercy. Kill the rat before it despawns to obtain the badge.

Badge of Garden Silence:
Kill the Garden of Mercy before it finishes its flowery diatribe.

Badge of (????)-in-Hiding: Look around the grassland while fighting the Garden of Mercy. Shoot the hidden enemy to obtain the badge. Note that the Garden of Mercy will teleport the player in front of it should they wander off too far.

Watcher's Affinity

Watcher's disposition towards Cygna will change depending on two factors: whether or not the player interacted with the Garden of Mercy in the settlement and whether or not the player exhausted all of Watcher's dialogue during the hunting segment. If the player interacted with the Garden of Mercy and didn't exhaust all of her dialogue, Watcher will behave noticeably more distant. Should the player earn Watcher's friendship by exhausting all of her dialogue regardless of whether or not the Garden of Mercy was examined, certain dialogue will be altered in this chapter and in future chapters.

An Unforeseen Encounter
There is a hidden cutscene involving a major character in future chapters which takes place in the isolated prison containing the Warden's Key. To trigger it, enter this room BEFORE pushing the button on the dragon statue located in the upper floor.

The Secret Boss

And finally, the hidden boss. To spawn this boss, first be sure to keep the Keeper's Bell in your inventory after ringing all of the bells. After killing all of the Garden of Mercy's minions, look for the Painted Woman in the room located upstairs in the right corner. Give her the Keeper's Bell to obtain Madcow's Regalia. Use the regalia in front of the bars located in the room you obtain the Deliverer's Key. After this, the boss will spawn in the dark room located beyond the left door downstairs of the lowest floor past the library. Stealth is key to winning this battle. Victory will award the player with three Great Essences and a badge depending on the selected difficultly (all of them count towards the same badge).

Stay tuned for additional updates regarding progress of the second chapter and what to expect!
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  • 11/09/2016 06:19 AM
  • 03/16/2018 04:24 AM
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If it has goat in the title, I'm in

Late response, but rofl.
I think you need the rtp for rpg maker VX.

Wait, the game still requires the RTP to run? Sounds like I dun goofed somewhere...
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
Kill it with guns. It takes a bit. I recommend moving from left to right or right to left for dodging. The best time to strike is when it appears on a higher row than you.
@Firefly84: cool, it's working. Guess my RTP was just outdated?

Glad I could help.
I will delete this link to the end of the week (year :lol:) so I don't get problems because of copyright or similar.
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
I remember a long time ago some game didn't work because I didn't know VX and VXA were different. I just thought people called VXA VX because they were really, really lazy. LOL
@Firefly84: cool, it's working. Guess my RTP was just outdated?
game says it can't find RGSS202E.dll. I already installed RTP100, so what else am I missing?

I think you need the rtp for rpg maker VX. Try this
game says it can't find RGSS202E.dll. I already installed RTP100, so what else am I missing?
Since this is the introductory chapter, combat is deliberately simplistic. Wait until the next one. :p

No, you missunderstood me.
I got killed very fast. I'm handycapped and have less to none reflexes.
Since this is the introductory chapter, combat is deliberately simplistic. Wait until the next one. :p
Assuming you mean the Catalyst's Key, it's located in one of the bookshelves in the upper left room of the top floor's main hall.

And fixed the bug. Thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks, I now found it. But the battles are nothing for my nonexistent reflexes.
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
If the key you're missing is the Messenger key, then ExodusTribute answered that one a few posts back so just search for thet word.
Assuming you mean the Catalyst's Key, it's located in one of the bookshelves in the upper left room of the top floor's main hall.

And fixed the bug. Thanks for pointing it out!
I found a bug:
After receiving the delivery key and going to back to the first room where you should meet the hostile, the same event will start, when taking the right door instead the north one, and going right again. The event works (without seeing the hostile) until Candy runs away and get stuck at the golem statue.

And where do I finde the last key (the one for the far right statue). The warden key won't fit and there is still a gate left to open.
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
likely something wrong on my end. I do indeed have the Australian Sunrise *whip crack* font installed. I'm sure there was another game recently that I played which used Australian Sunrise *whip crack* but I think now it was ok, since the last time I had this font problem was, I guess, ages ago.

How about a free contest among players. The first one to find all your badges in a chapter gets to try your next chapter early or gets a wallpaper or something? Get that motivation out there or whatever.

I really respect solo devs who are making an effort. It's so freakin hard. It really is. I've used Google Docs/Word, Google Sheets/Excel, yEd, Homestyler, Photoshop and even Minecraft to keep my puzzles and maps organized and there's still always issues. Then there's just applying the good ideas well, rather than just using good ideas. Yeah, solo is rough but developing in a team has it's own set of problems and no guarantee of eliminating the ones from solo development. We have to just work with thatever we feel best with.
Looking at your text, it does seem rather different from mine. That's odd...

I'm thinking of doing a little tradition where I directly reveal all of the secrets and badges in a particular chapter only after the one proceeding it is released, assuming no one discovers them beforehand. It'll probably be another year before I release the next chapter since I'd like to get back to writing and drawing for now, so we'll see how that turns out.

And thanks for pointing out so many errors! I tend to be very thorough when it comes to testing out my projects, but as a solo developer, it's only inevitable I'd miss a few despite my best efforts. I'm especially relieved there were no game-breaking bugs with the keys; managing so many at once was a pain in the ass.
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
Footsteps and scripts - Ah. Nothing can be done about it then. I've seen ones that assign events to regions, so I figured that's what you were using.

Flashlight - Easy enough to just say that even the flashlight can't pierce far enough to see anything.

Doors - Yeah, I was unsure if there would be switches or locked doors that I needed to handle before accessing other keys.

Messenger's Key - GODDAMNIT. Yeah, it was that one. Geez, I totally didn't notice that rat was different from all the others. That's likely going to get a lot of people unless they're the type to try to murder every rat.

End results - Imgur is being a jerk and hangs on "creating your image" when I try to post my screenshot:( Anyway, all of the boss' text was practically impossible to read because it was black with black dropshadow. I'm thinking it's something on my end though because this happened in another game and the font name is familiar so I think I at least looked into it before.

When the painted woman appeared, I guess I was jittery because I unloaded my gun... in the wrong direction. so I essentially got the cutscene because of recoil:)

That was really, really good. Everything with atmosphere and presentation is top-tier. The story is very interesting. You often account for the player going back and talking to people after scenes changes. I'd fault it on controls but a controller would fix that. I just didn't bother setting mine up. I'd say the biggest problem is map orientation but for what it's worth I did eventually get used to it. The dungeon design itself is fantastic. It's delightfully huge and pretty open-ended yet although the visuals are consistent throughout, zones are distinct enough from one another that you can easily divide it up in your head. I did do a lot of unnecessary running around but that was mostly all for the last key. Might be worth having Watcher give hint if other players complain.

I'll go back in for the extra stuff but it'll be a while since I'm up to my neck in the eternal suffering of my own project. Good work though, and thanks for being cool and mature with the feedback.
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