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Progress Report

Another giant leap in development!

Parallax scrolling has been implemented, ladies and gentlemen! Yes, you read that correctly. No longer does it resemble an old Atari game, it has made the giant leap into the modern era...of 20 years ago, Super Famicom!

It's starting to come into its own, in terms of aesthetics, however now I need to start working on designing some of the weapons and their visual effects. I have them on paper, and some of the core mechanics coded into the game, but now comes the hard part...making the visual assets.

Some of the levels have had a slight facelift as well. To tighten up their playabilaty and to add a few surprises. After weapons, or maybe while I am working on weapons, I need to add a few functional enemies to the levels, as well.

Still a lot of work to do, but as you can see, it's taking shape slowly and becoming a game of its own! Be sure to subscribe and follow!

Progress Report

more! More! MORE!

That's right, we've got a fair amount more done! More levels and more weapons! The weapons aren't ready for a public reveal just yet, but soon enough.
For now, we've got this handy map showing how many levels we have and their relation to each other as you explore the world.

Progress Report

Prepare yourselves!

We've been working really hard on making new weapons, to the point that we haven't even added any new levels or made any progress on screens. So, unfortunately no pics with this update.

One such weapon that has been particularly difficult to make work correctly, is the Singularity Cannon. It fires a slow moving, super-charged cluster of Anti-matter that detonates, tearing a hole in Space-Time and absorbing (most) nearby objects. Actually just enemies. "But...muh phizziks!" Relax, it's a video game! (Besides, it doesn't have to be a black hole. We just like "Singularity Cannon". It sound's world-ending.)


Fine... here's a poorly art'd screenshot:

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