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Character Introductions: Durant (Plus Music and Battle UI Progress!)

  • unity
  • 03/29/2018 08:47 PM
We've got some battle UI and music updates! :DDDDDD Before all of that, though, let's first introduce another character!

Durant is the acting regent of Zerymos and leader of the Holy Knights. When demons invade a seemingly abandoned old castle in his territory, he handles the matter personally, taking his two best knights, Lucien and Sela, along with him. He has no idea of the revelations that await inside the ancient estate.

Before Durant mastered his holy swordskills, his father waged war on the demons of the cursed land of Daraskus. His father managed to slay the demon lord, but even he could not cleanse the land of its foul curse, and Daraskus remains a land tainted by the Abyss.

Durant's goal is to one day unite all lands under the control of Zerymos so he will have the power to do what his father could not and completely scour the world of demons once and for all, but he is still far from that goal. While most nations in the world show some respect to his order of Holy Knights, few are willing to bow to Zerymos's will, much less to assist Durant with his mission.

Durant is a powerful character, and commands a potent array of both offensive and healing holy powers. He will lead Sela and Lucien in the very early part of the game, but don't count on him as a playable character for long, as events in the story will render him bedridden for a good portion of the story.

Back to the game's progress, things are coming along at a decent pace. SweetCat has been making more awesome music tracks for the game! Check out these three! ^_^

And JosephSeraph has been doing amazing work putting together the battle UI! Here's a work in progress GIF of the battle system:

I am super excited with all this progress! We'll work hard to keep it going! ^_^


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i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
rip durant

i like the victory fanfare ;V

i don't love the adobe flash circle gradient as a cursor in the battle menu but obviously it's a wip still. i'll hold onto my judgment for now i guess
Looks great! I agree on the cursor, while that shadow effect when scrolling is awesome, and I think you should keep that, adding an actual cursor with it would be great.
If my future child isn't routinely cursing Spider-Man for foiling his schemes by age 20 then I have failed as a parent.
I love Durant so much ;u;
Liberty should make another best of blogs just to feature this bag of goodness.
I'm so excited to work on this, everything in this project is made with so much love. <3
Feedback on the UI note! I'm gonna tone down the glow and add a cursor (which emits the glow)
I was kinda inspired by FFX-2's glowy menu and it's a concept I plan to apply on most menus, or at least where possible~
If my future child isn't routinely cursing Spider-Man for foiling his schemes by age 20 then I have failed as a parent.
I feel like the glowy menu would work if there was some kind of theatre theme, singe it looks a bit like a spotlight. But yeah, less so here, even though I think it's cool.
extreme disappointment
durant needs to hit the gym, beef up those noodle arms
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