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Progress and Happy 2017!!!

  • SPM
  • 01/05/2017 04:34 PM
Hi to all, first of all: happy new year 2017!!! I hope it goes well for everybody. ;)

Now, it has been more than a month since I updated the blog, so it is time to keep you guys informed of progress.

I am still pretty focused on mapping right now, I have been working in lots of instances as you may have seen in the images I have been posting pretty constantly, including today. You can take a look if you like in the corresponding section.

I can already tell you about almost all of the dungeons the first episode will have, and when I say dungeons I mean bigger instances, there will also be some caves and others. These dungeons will be, by name and order of appearance:

- Fort Andros (haven't started with this one yet, but soon).
- Ymel Woods (some pics in the gallery, pretty much done).
- Temple of Ahania (a pic in the gallery, about 50-75% done).
- Arakon Castle (a pic in the gallery, about 50-75% done).
- Grym's Grove (haven't started with this one yet, but soon).
- Broken Hill Mines (some pics in the gallery, about 50-75% done).

I'll tell you more about them in the coming weeks, meanwhile check the image gallery to have a first look at parts of them.

Apart from mapping I have almost finished character design. This aspect will be covered in a future section I will include in this page introducing the 4 main characters the player will control: Edgar, Armand, Vidar and Ley. The section will also cover other NPCs and antagonists, such as the Demon Commander Macfleus or the Myth.

More stuff:

- I am also working on monster designs and combat scripts, which are pretty much Yanfly's credit. He has some very very nice codes which I am experimenting on. Here is a new pic of a boss, the Nightmare:

- World map ingame is also another thing I am working on, but it's still a bit buggy in terms of player positioning. Much work is still to be done, like adding some legends, but here is a first look:

- Menus are also some of my concerns at the moment, I am using Blackmorning's scripts which are cool for the equipment section. A first look and more to come in the future:

- Finally, a demo is something I plan on releasing this year, but I still have no date, sorry.

And for now that's it. More stuff coming up in the next weeks, stay tuned, bye bye!!! ;)


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Man, that's one fancy equipment menu! The mapping looks solid as usual, I just hope it doesn't take too long to get from one place to the other, I tend to get lost in big overworlds. Of course a map and/or quest journal should solve that, and you probably have one of those already. As for the boss, it looks epic. I'm eager to punch it in the face. Er...faces.
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