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Grain is a 2-D-game about Tear, an eye-less male and his companion Sem, a birdlike genius-drug-addicted-junky-thing..
Once broken out from the Schwarzminen, you'll guide Tear and Sem through a fascinating, terrifying, familiar, strange world, full of the most fascinating and terrifying entities Tear and Sem ever saw.

Although Grain is being created in the Game Maker, it will mostly feel and look like a rpg-maker game.
The art consists of 3 major parts:
-pixel art
You may wonder how this can fit, so I got a little example here to give you a better idea.

The World
The world of Grain is a fragile one, a world where surviving comes above everything else. Environmental pollution, bad living-conditions and phantoms are the reasons
why that world is a little bit more dangerous but thank god there are still some rulers saving their lands and their Alfs from those threats.
So the Alfs can live peacefully under the protection of their shepherd. Can't they?

(Some) Characters
The world of Grain also contains many...let's say "different" creatures. Although you will probably hate them, I will introduce them to you because someone
still has to get along with them.

Tear is a very friendly, courteous young man trying to build a relationship with the Alfen despite his unhandiness.
Nevertheless, he gets nothing than incomprehension of them. His biggest wish is to finally leave the Schwarzminen and to explore the wide world. Besides, his first and best friend is Sem, the blue bird from his dreams. Together, they leave the Schwarzminen behind and experience a new world.

Sem is Tear's plumaged companion. He has a calm and analyzing character (Haha) and is sometimes ashamed by Tear's lacking social abilities.
That, however, forces him more to stay with Tear to help him.

The Alfen: They are the engine keeping the world intactly. However, they're not treated like they were important. Alfs are shy creatures which are dependent
on authorities but if it comes to their possession they don't stop at committing murder to protect it. Figurative spoken...I hope.
They get easily fascinated by medals and other awards which Tear and Darius can't really understand.

Okay, time to come back to less pleasant things. Or let's say "the challenging" depending on your bellicosity. The lands and, of course, the Alfs are threatened by
many creatures who want to harm them. There are for example simple humanlike soldiers, giant worms and puppet ghost, so there should be something for everyone.

The soldiers are feared and hated by Tear and the Alfs for their lickety-split
use of their truncheons. They are subordinated to the General and do everything he says, no matter how brutal or cruel his orders might be. That, however, still has its advantages. Without hesitation, they could kill all phantoms
(below) in Sacharja.

One of Tear's biggest threats are the phantoms who live in regions not
inhabitated by the Alfen. Therefore, every traveler should rather go a long way round than meeting any of them. Usually, they're social creatures only attacking in swarms, so you can assume, that their biggest enemy are the Alfen.

Any help is welcome!

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