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DISCLAIMER: Original work, Ghost School (ゴーストスクール), by Kurousagi of Usakakesoft. English translation is provided by Memories of Fear.

  • Genre: Abandoned School Exploration Horror Adventure.
  • Playtime: Approximately 2 to 3 hours.
  • Endings: Two endings. One Bad Ending and one True Ending.
  • Content Warning: Blood and Gore, Language, and Violence.
  • Spoiler-Related Content Warning:
    Abuse, Discrimination, and Suicide.


Senna Akizuki wakes up to find herself in a dimly lit school. She is determined to find a way out with her friends. While exploring inside the school, she must uncover the school's gruesome past in order to escape.

This game is made by Kurousagi, A.K.A. Black Hare, of Usakakesoft using RPG Maker VX and it was released on June 19th, 2012. The American fan translation group, Memories of Fear, translated this game and released it on November 15th, 2016.


The author warns that Ghost School isn't for people who dislike horror, walking around wide maps, lack of hints on where to go next, being lead to a bad ending without warning, and investigating.


Latest Blog

Ghost School - Small Update

A quick notification to let you guys know that our translation of Ghost School has just been given a small update.

Based on user feedback, we decided to implement a choice at the start of the game asking the player whether they’d prefer to have message sound effects initially set to on or off, so that the option is now more obvious to players.

Do note that this was already possible in previous versions with an inventory item (which is still in the current version), so it isn’t necessary to re-download the game if you wish to toggle text sounds.

In addition, we also fixed a few minor text and graphical errors we had initially missed. We would like to thank everyone who has played this game!


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Well, well what we have here?

It had to be the second try that could put me completly into this game. Personally I am in love with all that classic japanese horror elements such as the dark long hair girl ghosts, cursed houses with a vengeful spirit or similars. So this was a Must Play for sure! It has all you are looking for if you are into this kind of things: an abandoned old school with a terrible curse, a terrorific atmosphere, some young guys here and there and a mistery that claims to be solved while Dead walks through corridors. But most importantly of all, It's difficult af that's for sure!

The place is gigantic and without a map you will get lost after 5 minutes if you don't do a hard work of memorisation. Good thing this boy is a badass who has already gone for the hell of the first resident evil games several times.

Putting that apart, yeah, this game is a hard one. There will be many times where you will have no idea of what to do or where you have to go to continue. Solution? Explore! That's it, there is nothing more than go back where you previously were and check if something new did appear. Secondly, if you are going to play this, be sure to have much free time or at least, play a little everyday. If not It will even more difficult to continue without getting tired of visiting the same corridors again and again.

But on the other hand, some dialogs just don't make much sense in its context. Manabe for example, has a "unique" way to treat with spirits that want to kill her. And I thought that there will be more deaths in the true ending, aren't we in a living hell full of dreadful ghosts?

Anyway, very grateful for bringing us this game, MemoriesOfFear! Will be looking after others projects-

Total Time: 5'50H (no walkthoughts were used!)
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