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The cruel and brutal dictator of Mexico, Garcia, has brought unspeakable oppression to the Mexican people. They have suffered terribly because of him. Garcia comes to the United States and demands that the the U.S. government sends 1000 girls to Mexico each month, or be attacked with nuclear weapons. Garcia wants the girls, so that both he, and his military men can totally use and abuse them. However the Order of the Crystal Chalice comes to the aid of America. This group of international vigilantes provides the American military with the means to stop Garcia's nuclear attack. So, Garcia attacks and invades the U.S. with his normal military. But, the Order also aids the U.S. in being able to fight Garcia's military. Garcia is defeated, and flees. The both, the U.S. government and Order, help the Mexican people reform their nation. Sadly, the new Mexican government doesn't last long. It falls apart. This allow Garcia to come out of hiding and enslave Mexico, again. His new base of operations is impossible to attack. The only way to break its defenses, and bring him to justice is to have a very special tank break down its elemental barriers. You pilot this tank. You must destroy the elemental barriers. Only then, can you end Garcia's reign of terror.

You pilot a tank through several stages. You will be fighting rotating guns, enemy tanks, and aircraft. You will need to destroy the elemental barriers that block you away to the exit. You do this by using your elemental sphere. As it travels along its path, you can change its element from fire, water, air, or earth. When it reaches an elemental barriers, if must be the opposite of the element that the elemental barrier is. Otherwise, you will die. For example, if an elemental barrier is earth, your elemental sphere must be air. If it is fire, your elemental sphere must be water. And so on. Make you way through all of the stages to kill the evil dictator, Carlos Garcia, and save Mexico from his reign of death.

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