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Warning: This game contains sights of blood, suicide, explicit violence, gore, crude language, implied abuse, and murder. If you are sensitive to these. I don't recommend playing this.

"A dark fear lingers in us all. It is up to us to
strike the match to light our paths, and not to
fall back into our shadows."

~ Vah'Loren Arrakis, 1,760 BC


"The nations of Aurelia are on the verge of being torn asunder by the fires of war that have been brewing for nearly twenty years. The very existence of the world itself is in danger as the ruthless Heretic Empire, led by the cruel dictator Skye Hart, crushes all who stand against them with an iron fist. Yet behind this grab for power lies an age-old conspiracy to wipe out a race of powerful individuals known as the Enlightened. Can the last True Enlightened uncover the heart of this conspiracy and put a stop to the Empire's ambitions before all of Aurelia is broken beyond repair?"


War has been brewing across the continent of Aurelia for the past twenty years. The world has seen the Heretic Empire cause mass genocide against the Enlightened Race, and offer money to capture an Enlightened. In the Year 236 AD, the Enlightened Race lost nearly 97% of their numbers from this genocidal conquest for the past four years. Katelynn Tezzar, the last True Enlightened, has been in hiding but is unaware of what is currently happening in the outside world. Her father went on a peace summit a few days ago, but upon return was a letter that he was murdered. Katelynn has to rule in his stead, but she is unaware that her father's death was used as a plot to bring her out of hiding and was a pivotal piece in completing the Aurelian Conquest.

As the days go by Katelynn understands that the entire continent, and possibly the world is hanging on a thread before delving into absolute chaos because of this war. She learns that her father was the "last bastion" against the enemy across the seas. Katelynn now has to venture off to the other major kingdoms and help fix the damages the war has caused with the hope they will fight by her side in the final showdown. With the entire world out to get her, and the war reaching the endgame, will Katelynn achieve the goal of saving Aurelia before it's too late?..

About the Game

Somber Elegy is a narrative-based, story-rich, psychological-esque, linear RPG. The gameplay is rather straightforward, being based solely on the completion of the story. Though to make it to the end, you'll have to use your time wisely as you have 30 days before Valhalla brings the world to another reign of torment.

The game heavily focuses on atmosphere to engage the player in the narrative, relying upon a plethora of nature sounds, beautiful scenarios, and excellent background music which will take you on a singular journey to discovering the very truth of what happened to Aurelia and how did this all start

The last True Enlightened. Previously been in hiding for the past 9 years, and has no clue on the current state of Aurelia.

Leona Crawford
Katelynn's best friend and family consultant. Her past remains hidden, but she occasionally opens up to her friends over time.

Damian Hendrix
The drunk priest, and the casanova! Except not really. He's a devout follower of Light and is always there to lend a hand.

Alma Baines II
A world-renowned spiritualist. Her powers over the dead have given her the nickname Harbinger of Death. Despite her name, she is actually really shy.

Mayra Scriven
A bounty hunter from the desert country. She was brought over to Aurelia by her parents to escape the oppression from the Empire. For the past several years, she's been searching for her long, lost sister.

Ari Barog
A half-human half-vampire hybrid. She is often left out in many events done by both her parents. She ran from home when a group of heretics came and slaughtered the town during the Vampiric Genocide. She now works as an innkeeper.


- 35+ hours of game-play

- 12 Dungeons to explore and raid!

– 80+ side quests (some small & some large, spanning the entire game)

– 990+ maps

– 3,500+ weapons & armor, 1,500+ items, 550+ skills/spells (unique enemy skills included)

– A total of 12 party members, constantly moving in and out of the party in accordance with the plot! Maximum party size of 6!

– High-action, REAL-TIME stealth/assassination events!

– Highly developed main characters with tons of in-game dialogue! – Nearly 2 hours of dramatic, cinematic cut-scenes!

– A unique in-game Bestiary/Monster Book to log your foes’ stats and weaknesses!

– Find and fight a total of 10 challengers inhabiting towns/villages in 1 on 1 combat with no items to test a character’s might!

– 15 Dragons to find and kill that grant the party bonus statistics to distribute to your characters however you wish!

– 13 Epic Monsters/Bosses who drop special items that can be converted into unique equipment upgrades by a specialty blacksmith!

- Discover Secrets that reward the player with experience points and rare specialty items that cannot be found anywhere else!

- Discover areas unlocked after main quest completion! There is so much to explore and find within Somber Elegy!

Note: It is impossible to complete all of the side quests and explore every inch of the game with the main quest incomplete. It's only possible when you defeat the final boss.
Started new characters from scratch. Making custom-made sprites used others for inspiration but that didn't go well. My fault for that. Making custom-made tilesets too.

I took time off for close to two years. I remade the entire story, plot, and characters from the bottom up. Had a really close friend help me out with setting up new plot points, and character developments. From the start to now is like night and day. Maps were changed and revamped and I'm happy to see it much better and completely different from what it used to be. The title remains the same, but everything else was changed from what it used to be. I'm happy with this. I'll be happy to share more in the coming weeks!

Latest Blog

May 14th Update

Hello everyone!
I am here to update you on what I have accomplished this week. To start off, dungeons have been completely revamped from their original state, and most maps now (except for overworld maps) will have sub-areas.

New Dungeon Mechanics
Dungeons have been completely changed. They still have their original concept of Normal, Hard, and Abyss modes and cooldown, but this update is more about the dungeon's mechanics. It runs entirely on RNG and there is no script involved.

To start off, all dungeons have been placed on a single map. Mainly to reduce over usage of maps. (Picture down below is one such map as a reference)

How the new dungeon mechanic works is quite complicated for someone like me, but it did take a long time to work on it and perfect it. When you first enter a dungeon it will randomly choose a number from 1-4.
Each number represents the number of enemies and treasure chests. 1 of course being the absolute minimum, and 4 being the highest amount of chests and enemies.
Opening a treasure chest is about the same mechanic, but it doesn't give you loot right away instead, it gives out item ranks from ranks A-D and S Rank. (Tiers from Highest to Lowest are: S, A, B, C, D) It will go through 2 different common events, one for rarity and one for how many item ranks you get. Both are completely random. This makes each playthrough of the 100% unique.

Towards the end of the dungeon, after beating the dungeon boss, the number of item ranks you have will be tallied up at the end and loot will be distributed to you. This is also random. Any S Tier rank will give you a guaranteed Legendary weapon, A tier has a chance of giving you a Legendary, but a higher chance of giving you a Rare item instead. B Tier is a guaranteed Rare item, C Tier is a guaranteed uncommon item, and D tier are your normal stock items.

New Map Regions
In most maps now there are sub-areas. As the game is a completely open world, this helps out to those that are easily lost. Most NPCs will take talk about certain areas that won't be displayed on the map title, so I have regions to help name out certain areas around the map.
(Image below is an example of the region layout)

Even though it's a small detail, it's a great way to help those that are easily lost in the location they are in. It also helps to immerse the player into the world as well.

I'll be posting another update at the start of next month :)


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Note: This game, after the storyline is complete, other areas will be accessible! More stories, lore, background stories, items, enemies. The works!!! The Somber Elegy series is all about adventure with a fantastic storyline with a DEEP meaning behind it that you can piece together from various points in the game. Just search for them lol. Overall I really enjoy making this game. I hope you guys enjoy playing it ^-^
Patchnotes will be created at the end of every month, unless I'm on break then it may be earlier of the month or posted next month at a later date. This is where air can tell you that you're ideas can be created into the game. I have friends who have something in the game, like: Weapons, hidden characters, a reference, etc. I will only pick a select few as of now. When I make future games. I will ask for your ideas and submissions there as well!
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
All characters have been changed into a new look. Was inspired by Catharsis to make the main character with blue hair when I started. I have made new sprites on Photoshop to create custom made sprites for the game. Nearly all the old sprites have been removed and deleted from the game files and changed some map layouts to since I did grow bored or I just didn’t want it in there. Inspiration is how I made this game too. Soon there will be a demo for this so you all can try this out. I don’t know when it will be.


(I did have some issues back in October from a certain sprite I was interested in. Caused some problems but things have been fixed and I did remove the sprite and made my own. Hope you all enjoy)
Your "Why I created this game" section reminded me of myself.

I hope you are in a better state right now. Looking forward to the demo.
Your "Why I created this game" section reminded me of myself.

I hope you are in a better state right now. Looking forward to the demo.

I have been better. I have no idea when I may release the Demo. I know it will be sometime this year.
Decided to put the game demo in the next several weeks ^-^
That's great news, I hope you'll get some nice feedback afterwards.
That's great news, I hope you'll get some nice feedback afterwards.
I hope so ^-^ I am currently converting my game into MV. For those MV users d:
The Overgrown Manor several other maps will be tribute to VortexxyGaming, my favorite YouTuber who passed on. Heartbroken by this I'm going to make a few maps dedicated to her theories in the LoZ Community.
Frozen Tundra area is complete. Time to work on Isling now.
The Deepsea, The Forgotten Trenches, is an area in Harpeia where the unholy abominations that were created by Valhalla now reside. Ruins of Temples to worship this god have been destroyed when the Divine erased most of the world with water. Flooding towns, cities, and races. Bringing back the entire world to the medieval era. Some fragments of the latest technology where things have been modern still exist. Cities and laboratories can be uncovered.
Decided to keep this off the Commercial tab for awhile c:
Looking forward to this game to finish and playable :D
Looking forward to this game to finish and playable :D
^-^ A lot still needs to be done before I release the demo. I am going to have someone play it to see if it's okay to be released.
Setting up Patchnotes for next month! There has been a lot of things that have been added c:
Excuse my unexpected absence... College came in the way. Time to continue working on this.
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