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Warning: This game contains sights of blood, suicide, explicit violence, gore, crude language, implied abuse, and murder. If you are sensitive to these. I don't recommend playing this.


Somber Elegy takes place in 227 A.D. in a country of Castillion. A peaceful country, quiet at times. Other than the sound of rumbling of the Earth during the night of the awakening of a sleeping god. You play as a Queen of a small town named Royale on the ocean coast. The Queen has been told of the rumors of the awakening of a unnamed god. A small group goes out in the world to gather materials to be protected by this god's almighty destruction.

You find out more information on who this god is... finding out that he was the First Sinner. He betrayed the Divine Goddess and was banished to the Phantom Zone.

After her encounter with the god in person, she has been acting strange... Her past has come back to her. The unnamed god made her into a catalyst. Her emotions and her past experiences are too much to handle. The god feeds on broken emotions making him stronger. Without it, he would've dwindled and perished centuries ago. He is causing her to think that she has no purpose, she can't do it. Someone needs to save her from his grasp, until she becomes emotionless.

She can't do it.
She can't fight it.


-Over 9 Unique dungeons to dive into, divided into 2 difficulties which mix up the layout and enemies.
-4000+ pieces of loot with varying degrees of rarity and unique special effects, allowing for a deep and satisfying loot hunting experience.
-6 unique playable characters that fit into different party roles.
-Secret bosses and secret areas.
-Cursed items and unique and Legendary Items for you to get.
-Over 6 countries you can explore.

I think that's all.
So the release date of the game will definitely be pushed back, I don't think I can get it done in July of 2018 (I'll try) but early December 2018 maybe?

Thanks for reading all of this!

Note: It is impossible to complete all of the side quests and explore every inch of the game in the 30 days and with the stamina bar concept. It's only possible when you defeat the final boss.
Why I created this game
I have been depressed for over 5 years, well everyone has been depressed... I had no outlet and I was afraid on speaking my mind to anyone even my family. I wrote notes, stories, and that didn't help. I decided to brush it off but that made it worse a lot worse. I was in a bad state of mind and I didn't want to be here anymore. I decided to make my own project which was, making a game. I tried cliché stories and that didn't work much. Until... I decided to create a game based off of my emotions and how I perceive the world. So far it's going alright. This will be episodic. From how it started and how it may end.
Started new characters from scratch. Making custom made sprites used others for inspiration but that didn't go so well. My fault for that. Making custom made tilesets too.

Latest Blog

Tiny Details and Bux Fixes + Secrets Galore?

Hello everyone! It has been sometime while updating this but, I am here to say that the game is going through some changes. Me and Retro have been working on and off on this game trying to add small little details in the game to make it pop!

For instance.. Sprinting on sand/dirt will cause a small dust cloud to form. Leaves will fall in forest areas and large dust clouds will form in desert regions. In the bullet list below. We will post on what has been changed and what will be added in the future! Later in this post. I'll be posting on what I'd like to say about the secrets this game offers and what they mean.

December Progress Report

-Desert Regions now have gusts of wind and dust clouds
-Overworld Maps now have clouds and can change if it's raining or snowing
-Lag isn't an issue anymore
-Parallax Maps have been fixed
-Every enemy in the game is in the bestiary!
-Mo' Items! Mo' Weapons! Mo' EVERYTHING!!
-Deleted irrelevant maps and maps that were not being used..
-Item Icons have changed and skill icons have changed as well!
-New and improved skills!
-Remade the story and improved the character's personality
-New Weapon types
-Cutscenes for every ending!
-Changed the names for the different endings
-Quests won't be fetch quests but, some make fun of it.
-Some bosses won't be in a battle display but in character
-The final main quest dungeon has been revamped and changed.... 6 times now....

Secrets Galore?
In the title of this blog and in the main entry I am here to say that the secrets in the game will be changed and will only be relevant to the game and the lore. There will be references in this game of course but, the secrets in this game will only be for plot purposes or story related. There are a ton of secrets in this game. This game is supposed to give the player freedom to do as they please after the final boss is defeated.. The game still has discoveries and boss altars and much more for the player to find! This game is to explore but also choose your path wisely as you make one mistake it can throw off the path you are trying to take.

Tread carefully. This game also shows how people can and might react if the world would end in 30 days.. Chaos will ensue no doubt.

That is all I have to say for now!


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Note: This game, after the storyline is complete, other areas will be accessible! More stories, lore, background stories, items, enemies. The works!!! The Somber Elegy series is all about adventure with a fantastic storyline with a DEEP meaning behind it that you can piece together from various points in the game. Just search for them lol. Overall I really enjoy making this game. I hope you guys enjoy playing it ^-^
Patchnotes will be created at the end of every month, unless I'm on break then it may be earlier of the month or posted next month at a later date. This is where air can tell you that you're ideas can be created into the game. I have friends who have something in the game, like: Weapons, hidden characters, a reference, etc. I will only pick a select few as of now. When I make future games. I will ask for your ideas and submissions there as well!
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
All characters have been changed into a new look. Was inspired by Catharsis to make the main character with blue hair when I started. I have made new sprites on Photoshop to create custom made sprites for the game. Nearly all the old sprites have been removed and deleted from the game files and changed some map layouts to since I did grow bored or I just didn’t want it in there. Inspiration is how I made this game too. Soon there will be a demo for this so you all can try this out. I don’t know when it will be.


(I did have some issues back in October from a certain sprite I was interested in. Caused some problems but things have been fixed and I did remove the sprite and made my own. Hope you all enjoy)
Your "Why I created this game" section reminded me of myself.

I hope you are in a better state right now. Looking forward to the demo.
Your "Why I created this game" section reminded me of myself.

I hope you are in a better state right now. Looking forward to the demo.

I have been better. I have no idea when I may release the Demo. I know it will be sometime this year.
Decided to put the game demo in the next several weeks ^-^
That's great news, I hope you'll get some nice feedback afterwards.
That's great news, I hope you'll get some nice feedback afterwards.
I hope so ^-^ I am currently converting my game into MV. For those MV users d:
The Overgrown Manor several other maps will be tribute to VortexxyGaming, my favorite YouTuber who passed on. Heartbroken by this I'm going to make a few maps dedicated to her theories in the LoZ Community.
Frozen Tundra area is complete. Time to work on Isling now.
The Deepsea, The Forgotten Trenches, is an area in Harpeia where the unholy abominations that were created by Valhalla now reside. Ruins of Temples to worship this god have been destroyed when the Divine erased most of the world with water. Flooding towns, cities, and races. Bringing back the entire world to the medieval era. Some fragments of the latest technology where things have been modern still exist. Cities and laboratories can be uncovered.
Decided to keep this off the Commercial tab for awhile c:
Looking forward to this game to finish and playable :D
Looking forward to this game to finish and playable :D
^-^ A lot still needs to be done before I release the demo. I am going to have someone play it to see if it's okay to be released.
Setting up Patchnotes for next month! There has been a lot of things that have been added c:
Excuse my unexpected absence... College came in the way. Time to continue working on this.
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