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Long ago, in the world of Vallora, there lived an evil entity known as the Demon Queen. Her reign of terror caused war and bloodshed with no end in sight, and those that could not fight simply died. Many men and women aimed to defeat the Demon Queen, but it was a man named Leon who eventually succeed. Even then, he did not actually defeat her: the Demon Queen was sealed away, but at the cost of Leon's life.

Three thousand years have passed since that era. There is a prophecy that speaks of the Demon Queen breaking free, and thus, bring back those dark times. However, it also, very vaguely, speaks of one who could end the torment. A true healer who will unite the world, and bring hope in the light of the destruction that the Demon Queen would bring.

However, the vague nature about this messianic figure causes debate about who such a person could be, or whether or not said person will even arrive in the first place. Yet, such is the only hope people have in the face of the coming catastrophe.

I plan to make this game longer than my other games. It's going to take a lot of time, and effort to work on this. There might not be demo any time soon. I plan to add more screen shots later. So I'll be working on other projects as well.

Special thanks to Marrend for helping explain the story much better.

Overdrives, and new ones every ten levels.
Side quests
Two different endings
I might add more features later.

Plug in Credits:


FSM Town of Beginnings Tiles
Yanfly’s Iconset
Graphics for the hud from Moghunter’s Classic Style Hud
Ækashics battlers from here http://www.akashics.moe/battlers/

Latest Blog

Demo Removed, because it's outdated

I removed the demo because what I have now, is different than what is shown. I just haven't had time to make any new screen shots.


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I`m gonna follow this.Good luck.
If it`s gonna be long and with new overdrives every tenth level so just one thing that i often miss so much in long games ,that are new spells even on level 56 and 72,(and 90)i think it is something that we who plays the games so careful and often long time that ours levels are very high are misssing.Some fun sort of even in the end.
I feel (maybe just me)like often it`s level 50 and the new spells and things(spells and more)that you can learn stands still the last couple of hours.
Maybe not the game that i should start the discussion in but i don`t know.Good luck in every case.
Thank you kenlan. I don't know when I'll have a playable demo yet, but I am happy that you're interested.
Sorry for posting. I am not tying to bump the page to the top, or anything. However in my blog I forgot to mention. I did test play this, but sometimes I forget to correct things, and I even forget to put people in my towns sometimes. So if I forgot to correct anything just tell me, and it'll be fixed in the next demo. Also if it's a game crashing bug, I'll get back to you, and fix it immediately.
There was one game crashing bug I found. If you go to the town to the south on the first world map, the game will crash because it's missing a music file. Hope that helps.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
This looks and sounds like a fairly interesting game from what I've seen so far, I'll give it a go, congrats on the demo and good luck on the rest of development!

p.s I left feedback on a bunch of images on the gamepage.
@WheelmanZero Thank you! I might not be able to fix it today since it's Easter, but I will fix it tomorrow morning immediately.
EDIT: I managed to find time to fix that today.
@Kloe Thank you! I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to tell me your thoughts, and also don't be scared to make suggestions, I am listening.
Hey Rose, I just randomly clicked on a game and well... saw it was yours! So, by the hand of fate, I´ll go download this now and seen how you´ve progressed over the years. (I think visual novels would work well for you. I don't know why I never suggested them before)
"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
Oh yes, I'm checking this out. ^_^
@lianderson Thank you! Just to let you, and everyone else now, I have only one drawn out cut scene for now, but I will add more in later releases.

@Professor_Q I hope you enjoy it. Just keep in mind this game is still in development.
Okay, and yeah, it still needs a lot of work. (fadeout your music and use waits for your scene transitions!) That said, your story is a step more interesting than your last one, but I stopped playing after the forest.

I´ll stay subbed and try it again in a few months.
@lianderson Thank you for your feedback.
Wow, it's good to see a new game from you ROse_Guardian! This time from MV, I'm excited to check it out and try the demo! :)
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