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Magic City (ILLUSION) is the city where everything is possible but where it could also be fake. This game is a creation made by using RPGmaker2003.


In a small city called Magic City lives Nawara, a young teenage girl who was adopted by her adoptive father Monder when she was just a child. One day her father asks her to bring him the magic flower from the garden, a flower that has been growing since three years. The same day though, she gets curious and will have the desire to go outside alone, which her father did not agree to since it was too late to go outside.

Despite her father's warning, she decides to ignore him and leave, which will cause her to fall in the underground.
Worried, afraid that her father may be concerned about her, she does everything possible to try to come back to him. Unfortunately though, two guys will get in her way and will try to forbid her from escaping by hurting her feelings and by teleporting her in unknown places.

Nawara would be more than happy to have your help so she can accomplish her goal which is coming back home safely without getting hurt or without anyone else getting hurt, will you help her?

this game contains a few spelling errors and a few map errors which will be fixed at it's release.

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