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I have decided to use the standard inbuilt battle system for SaGa of Eternity, and to customise within what I think is a perfectly acceptable system.

One of the tweaks that I have decided to use is in relation to the unfair advantage towards physical damage generating characters.

In most RPG’s, ‘mage’ characters have been unfairly discriminated against. Think about it; any character who uses magic has to deplete there MP in order to be useful in battles, whilst ‘fighter’ characters can use there basic attack without being hindered by the loss of a limited supply of energy.

To rectify this, I have decided that almost every action within a given battle, will require the usage of MP. The only exceptions to this rule (so far) is defending and using items.

I feel that this actively reflects the flow of battle if it were done within the real world. A mage, who is defensively weak may deplete his or her MP to any extent instantly on the battle field due to there training, but a fighter worth his salt would spend just as much time playing a defensive battle, waiting for the optimum time to strike, as he or she would using there physical or unique abilities to deal damage to the enemy.