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Progress Report

Friday 4th November - Friday 20th January...

Hello everybody..!

Well first off, it has been an INSANELY long time since I last blogged here. So for all of the celebrations that I miss, I send you belated Happiness and Cheer. I hope you all had a wonderful time..! :)

I’m not quite sure why it has taken me so long to pick up this project again, but I can promise that I have great news..! :)

In the last blog, I talked about how I was going to implement a Custom Battle System; reasons for which I’m not going to go over again. So if you wish to read about them, click HERE.

I can officially announce that all of the systems have been planned, and fully worked out. The maths and the look and what not; and I am currently beavering away whenever I have free time with making the Custom Graphics.

This will be the last implementation of new content before the release of the demo.

OH and I have screenshots to show the new progress that I have made..! They are a bit big so SCROLL to see the whole thing.

Each had a greyscale and colour segment. The greyscale is there to show you what is custom and what is not (the background it just a place holder at the moment); and in the colour version of the pic you can see how the whole thing looks over all..!

-JayEsz666- :-D


Saturday 15th October - Friday 4th November...

Hello everybody..!

So, yet again, it has been a very VERY long time since I updated SoE’s blog.

YET again, I have been ill. I’m not 100% sure why this keeps happening. The only reason that I can think of as to why the stability of my health may have changed is my monumental weight loss. A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I had managed to lose approx. 120lbs. Although this has allowed the health of my heart, and my overall vitality to increase, I think the lack of an internal insulating suit has compromised my ability to stay out in cold weather.

Anyway, that’s all over now, thank god… :)

This recent bout of ill health made me realise how much I enjoyed working on SoE due to not being able to work with it. Absence makes, and all that.

So, even thou I have been ill, I have managed to get a lot of work done because of this new found vigour.

I even got to the point where I was testing and bug checking the demo..!

After the 5th run through though, I realised that the Standard Battle System was getting boring. VERY boring.

So, I endeavoured to implement more custom content, in a bid to increase the enjoyment value; but try as I might, no matter how much I fiddled and twiddled; between the broken parts of the inbuilt system, and the shear monotony of the standard battle premise, I could no longer justify my belief that the standard battle system was fit for purpose.

So, I have decided to do something that I have been threatening to do for a long time. Build my own battle system.

So, as of now that is what I am doing. I have already started working out, on paper, how the battle ‘maths’ will work, and have a vague idea of how the system will look and work.

This blog is long enough; but in the near future expect a very detailed blog about how the custom battle system will play.

-JayEsz666- :-D

Progress Report

Mid-week Screenie Update Blog...

Hello everybody..!

Just a quick mid week blog of Updated Screenshots...

I meant to upload these AGES ago, and finally got round to it. The only real change is that I decided to add depth to the water...

Hope you like...

I'm uploading them in his blog below, but I will also upload them into the Images section of SoE, with links to the older versions of the screenshots...

-JayEsz666- :-D

Progress Report

Monday 2nd October - Saturday 15th October...

Hello everybody..!

Looks like SoE is destined to only be updated every fortnight...

Big progress these past two weeks. I finally managed to finish all of the damned Copy/Paste/Edit in the Custom content that I have added to the battle system. God that stuff is soul draining isn't it..?

Not quite sure whats planned for the following week/fortnight. Except making sure that the battles that are already added to the map work properly.

I have been toying with the idea of changing the graphics for the Skill System. I think they look a lil' basic now; but I might not do that for the demo.

The first dungeon needs a lot of tweaking too. My original concept for SoE was to have Lufia/Zelda style dungeons. But whilst making the first dungeon I seemed to only remember that occasionally; so the dungeon seems to have come out as half corridor dungeon/half puzzle dungeon. That needs a lil' fiddle, along with the graphical style since it just doesn't look nice at the moment, to be honest.

Oh and before I forget; I mentioned last week that I would be uploading new pics at some point. Not quite sure what the hell I was talking about. I haven't done anything 'new pic' worthy... lol

-JayEsz666- :-D

EDIT: I just remembered what it was I was going to do, RE new pics..! A few of the mapped areas have been updated in a bid to make them prettier... So within the next week I will be showing comparison screenies! Stay Tuned...


Monday 5th September - Saturday 1st October...

Hello everybody..!

Yet again it has been a surprisingly LONG time since I updated this blog; but do not fret, this game is still very active..! :)

There are three reasons why I haven't updated this blog in a while.

Firstly, I have been playing Xenoblade Chronicles a LOT; and enjoying it heartily; which I think is good for my game making project; since enjoying an RPG is why we started trying to make our own games isn't it..?
Secondly, I have gotten a Netbook..! I know thats not really an excuse; but I have been playing with it a lot... haha... :)
And thirdly, I have started writing a book. Its in the early stages but I am enjoying it as a side project.

As for the work that I have been doing on SoE, I have been updating the graphics of the custom systems and reworking the Battle System so that it ISN'T broken, and working around new problems that I discovered within the programming of RPG Maker 2003's default battle system...

New pics uploaded in the week, stay tuned...

-JayEsz666- :-D


Monday 5th of September; Returning from Bionis...

Hello everybody..!

I have a confession to make. Since the last time that I blogged (Monday 8th of August) I have done very VERY little with SoE…

I seem to have lost my inspiration, if I’m honest. It happens, and luckily I have now managed to find it again. Yay. :)

A RPG is something that consists loosely of two parts… There is plot/storyline and then there is gameplay.

At the moment, the plot/storyline (along with all of the dialogue/mapping etc. required to display it) is completed for the demo. It has all been checked and played through.

Before I stopped working on SoE, I was in the midst of testing and quality controlling the Gameplay aspect of SoE (Which, like most RPG’s consists almost singularly of the battle system.)

I like the battle system that I have implemented, but one of the things that made me lose my motivation was the realisation that the system was broken/flawed.

This has mainly come bout due to the many times that I have restarted SoE; changing the format, engine etc.

So, I have decided to completely restart the custom content of the battle system. This shouldn’t take as long as it sounds, as the system itself is ‘complete’ it’ just not RIGHT, you know..?

So today will be about collecting all of the information that I have in the custom content with paper and pen, and then tomorrow I will start re-implementing it…

P.S. By the way, the title 'Returning from Bionis' is a reference to the fact that I recently bought Xenoblade Cronicles..! Oh my god what a fun game..! And surprisingly adult..! :)

-JayEsz666- :-D


Friday 22nd July - Monday 8th August...

Hello everybody..!

Yikes, it has been a long time since I updated this blog, hasn’t it..? :-)

Well to be honest, it has been a while since I did much at all with SoE in general, for two reasons…

Firstly, since coming back from holiday I realised that I missed not being on holiday; or to be more accurate I missed the sun from my holiday. London is not a good city to live in if, like me, you need epic levels of UVA/UVB just to feel human…

Secondly, I have started a new career, or that is to say I have had a new career given to me. It’s complicated but suffice it to say if I pull this off, I should be reasonably comfortable financially far before I thought I would be…

I have had to prioritise my new career, I’m sure you all understand, but SoE is still dear to me and I am determined to finish it.

I will update this Saturday after I have done something worth mentioning…

-JayEsz666- :-D


Monday 18th July - Friday 22nd July...

Hello everybody..!

Well I've been back from Sicily for a week, and have finally managed to get to the point where I am back into my routine…

I have fixed the bugs that I found before leaving on holiday, and am currently undergoing more testing of SoE…

Balancing will have to come after I have finished all of that…

One thing that I have decided though, for the balancing, is that each character's weapon(s) will fall into three categories; Physical, Defensive and Specialist

Basic Overview of Weapon Categories

Physical Weapons main attribute is an increase of basic attack power, but will have the drawback of limiting your Agility and Defence slightly.

Defensive Weapons will increase your basic attack whilst also giving you an increase in defensive power. Agility will be slightly limited.

Specialist Weapons will only increase your Agility. But they increase the likely hood of Critical Hits significantly. They will also be endowed with certain Attributes (Dealing, say, Ice Attribute Damage or Fire Attribute Damage or Magical Attribute damage along with Physical damage which all weapons possess)
They may also be able to inflict certain conditions upon attacking.

Here is a pic of Sicily… GOD I miss it…

-JayEsz666- :-D


Demo Update Blog...

Hello everybody..!

Just a quick notice that despite my recent insistence that Saga of Eternity would get its first The Demo released sometime this weekend, it looks like it isn’t going to happen…

I have just returned from the hospital, after falling down an OPEN MAN-HOLE COVER in the street on my Friday night out… (Seriously, am I living in a freaking cartoon..?!?!)

I have damaged the tendons in my left wrist… luckily, it looks like it should be fixable, but frankly it’s taken me almost 20 minutes to type this coz of various meds and the odd angle my cast is at…

I could conceivably get the demo done, but at the moment… no, I just can’t…

I hope everyone understands…

I’ve been told that my Med’s are only for a week, so I should be able to be a bit more focused in 1-2 weeks’ time at which point I will do the last lil bits and get this damn demo out there…

-JayEsz666- :-D


Live Blog... (1pm GMT) (2PM GMT) (3PM GMT)

Done… (1PM GMT)

• Placed Monster events in 3 rooms of the Beta Tunnel of the NMC Dungeon…
• Added the first plant that you can find for the sub-quest Budd the Botanist
• Discovered a bug in the form of multiple custom systems being able to be activated on on top of another
• Added the dungeon ‘puzzle’ to the NMC Dungeon

Done… (2PM GMT)

• Domestic Chores… (DAMN you domestic chores)
• Placed Monster events in approx. 25% of the BIG room in Beta Tunnel, NMC Dungeon (WHY did I make this room so big..?!?)

Done… (3PM GMT)

• Finished adding Monster Events to the Beta Tunnel of the NMC Dungeon…

And with that people, the Demo of SoE is… FINISHED..!!!!!

Every map is there, every event; every NPC; every line of dialogue and every scene…

All I have to do now is debugging and polishing…

I can’t believe it..! lol

If I had known that live blogging allowed me to do more in fu**ing 3 hours than I usually did in a week I would have done it AGES ago..! lol

Although I do feel a bit sheepish that this has only lead to 3 blog posts… lol

-JayEsz666- :-D

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