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Mimi is a 15 year old living peacefully in her secluded town. She's got a big mouth, big appetite, and sleeps till noon, but fate has something else in store for her.

Many years have passed since the 'Great Darkness'. A cataclysmic event that let demons come through from the Hell dimension and bring ruin to the world. This only ended when four heroes banded together and somehow managed to close the rifts that had been opened. These heroes would be honored by the future generation but none more so than Saint Anne who gave up her humanity to become a Goddess. A great city was built for the new Goddess and people would travel from all over to meet and honor her. Many who came would become her loyal servants with the most devout establishing a group who called themselves the 'Redeemers'. Soon after this, the Goddess locked herself away atop the holy temple and fell into a deep sleep, but promised to awaken and judge the world in fifty years... Time would pass and she would not return.
Now, many begin to believe that story is a lie, perhaps in an attempt to control the masses, but none can be sure. The people are starting to question the truth of things and civil war seems imminent as those in power find themselves under great scrutiny..

Super Mimi Souls is a 60+ Hour, JRPG with an emphasis on player choices. It is a mix of the best parts of retro and modern games with many, many surprises thrown in.. Expect the unexpected.
Exploration and learning to master the battle mechanics at your disposal are crucial to your survival. This game doesn't pull any punches so save often. Higher difficulties will allow you to seek out and find better tools and unlock more interesting/alternate encounters, but these modes are not for the faint of heart.

Players should try to resist the sudden urge to reload an old save even if they don't like the results of a choice. Seeing your decision through till the bitter end is the best way to experience this game... and you may just be surprised later on..


-Side view battles with detailed sprites and animations.

-Deep battle mechanics like: Desperation attacks, Dual/Triple & Quad Techs, Vehicle customization/combat, stealing, etc..

-Over 1400 maps to explore, 600+ enemies to engage in battle, and hundreds of skills to master.

-Every speaking NPC has custom portrait art.

-Reputation System

-No random encounters. Enemies chase player and have death animations.

-Over 300 weapons to find, steal, loot, or craft. (Swords, Claws, Spears, Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Lasers, Pies, Fishing Poles, and everything in between.)

-Story spanning different genres: Fantasy, Horror, Wild West & Sci-fi.

-Multiple endings (and Game Overs!) with anime inspired artwork.

-Player choices & progression change the world and people in it.

-Rogue-like elements to a large number of events, battles, and quests that make for a new experience on different playthroughs.

-New Game + & Grade Shop


-Cut in & Battle Background art by: Tar-Sama

-Mostly human portraits: haruuuka

-Mostly Monster/Creature portraits: Avee

-Mostly peaceful enemies: Me


Warning: Game content may be offensive or 'triggering' to some.
Player discretion is advised.

Latest Blog

Merry Christmas Again

Another Merry Christmas, game is not released yet (obv).

Hopefully in the coming months, I'm looking to put this project behind me before summer.

Wish everyone well, and enjoy this beautiful art given to me from Tar-Sama.
All the CG artwork and battle BG's are custom made by her, each one better
than the last.

If you want to check out some of her stuff, or hire her on for your own project please follow the links below!

  • Production
  • Prinnyhero
  • Avee (Artist)
    Tar-sama (Artist)
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • RPG
  • 12/09/2016 06:52 PM
  • 03/02/2023 07:36 PM
  • 06/12/2023
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Saw this project through your help topic, looking spiffy.
Thanks Darken, hopefully I can finish it one day :p
Hm... sounds interesting especially with so many features well i doubt this will be done anytime soon but... consider me watching this °_°
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Looks like it's going to be a really fun game! Subscribed!
This can either turn out really good or turn out really disappointing depending on the execution. Hopefully, you have everything planned out in a good way where it flows well. Games with great intros like "a young girl looks for answers to impossible questions" have often lead to disappointment because dev couldn't execute it in the way it should have been. Also, make sure the game mechanics aren't too complicated, I'm talking about the armor set system/crafting system/status ailment system you have listed.

Also for the warning, you might want to put the things that can be offensive or be triggering, I'm not triggered by anything except sexual abuse and detailed wrist cutting and I don't know if there's any of that. So if I went in blindly just thinking, "Oh I don't get triggered easily!" and there's such content in the game, that wouldn't be good. Even if it includes spoilers in the game this is always necessary, I had a game taken down because they didn't include spoilers to sexual assault and I felt suicidal after playing it. I doubt your game will be that extreme, but just a fair warning. If need be put it in a spoiler tag.

That's all I want to say for now. I'll subscribe for now, hopefully, this game will turn out to as interesting as the idea sounds. Good luck.
You make a good point, Muffle. There won't be anything in here to cause that kind of reaction so not to worry. I'd like to think that most people who don't take things too seriously can find humor and enjoyment from the story I've come up with. That being said, the warning is there because I don't wish to list off everything I feel people might be offended by (this is 2018 after all and the list would be long lol). If the site finds reason to remove the game because of something like this then so be it.

As for the game play I've tried to simplify it as much as possible introducing the many mechanics over time and not all at once. I wanted to give the player as many options as possible so although there are many different things to explore there is never a requirement. A good example is the vehicles that are introduced a quarter ways into the game. You are given one and the rest need to be found but you aren't forced to use them at all.

Thanks for the great feedback!
Neat :j
Glad to see this project is still underway.
Looks pretty cool and since I absolutely liked a lot Silent Insanity 2... I hope to play this one too someday!
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