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*Warning, Mild sexual themes but generally PG-13*

Download available here:
Potomac V1.01
Potomac is a simulation of the life of a 19th century Detroit prostitute. You play a scenario over the course of 10 weeks, and must try to survive the mean streets of 1880 Detroit! Based on real historical documents, find clippings from the 1880 Detroit Free Press! Collect companions and items to assist you.

At the conclusion of 10 weeks (if you survive!) you score is calculated. This game is designed like a Euro board game, you are meant to try for as high a score as possible! You must decide which weekly activities gain the most value, and adjust your strategy based on the luck of the streets.

-Randomly generated scenarios
-Historical simulation of 1880s Detroit!
-Manage your finances and rent
-Infamy system, don't get too Infamous or you will be arrested!
-Collect real clippings from the 1880 Detroit Free Press

How to Play:

The object of the game to to survive 10 weeks on the Potomac Quarter of 1880s Detroit. You will be given a score at the conclusion of the game, based on how many historical event you resolve, your total money, and a steep penalty for infamy. Each week you can engage in two activities, daytime and night time. Events may be different based on the time of day! Here is a brief description of the action spaces:

Items: Shows the items available to Maggie
Boxing Skills: Any tricks Maggie or friends have learned to use in the ring
Health: View the stats and health conditions of any party member
Police Station: Bribe the police or report crimes to reduce your infamy
General Store: Buy various goods for use in other activities. This is a free action
Saloon: Gamble to win money, box in the ring, or drink to encounter historical Detroit events!
The Streets: Sell Patent Medicine, Beg for money, or try your hand at robbery (easier with a gun!)
Church: Prey for charity or volunteer to reduce your infamy
School: Attend classes or the gym to improve your stats
Prostitution: Sell your body for easy money.
Gallery: View clippings from the 1880 Detroit Free Press showing the historical events you have completed
Honest Work: Do various tedious or dangerous work to earn a pitiful wage
End Week: End the week right away

Download available here:
Potomac V1.01

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For the record, if it's below 400MB in size, you can upload it to be hosted on the site itself. Helps stop those pesky "Access Denied" pop-ups (which I got when I first tried to download). Worth thinking about~
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