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After saving up the money to buy Twilight Tower, Ryliah tries out an MMORPG for the first time. She creates her character who she names Rikaria. After entering the world of Twilight Tower. She is suddenly met by the once famous Luna. Not knowing much about RPGs Rikaria is happy to let Luna show her how the game is played.

Twilight Tower is a short RPG (maybe an hour or two) that follows Rikaria and the Black Legion Guild as they all learn the truth of what Twilight Tower is really hiding.


Rikaria - A new player in the world of Twilight Tower. Rikaria is kind and sweet to everyone she meets. She really looks up to Luna.

Luna - A hacker who is skilled and has even modded her character's in-game skills.

Black Wolf - The leader of the Black Legion Guild and an elite hacker. It is unclear what his goal is or even why he created the guild in the first place.

Black Fox - The second in command of the Black Legion Guild. Known to be silent but when he speaks others listen.

Black Rose - A girl who has not been in the guild for very long. She believes that one day she will be the second in command to Wolf. She tries her best to be serious and cool around the other members. However, around Wolf and Fox, she instantly turns into a submissive school girl.

Black Rayven - A kind girl that is a bit dark with her humor at times. She is a hacker but compared to Wolf she is a noob.

Black Angel - The oddest girl in possibly the whole universe. It is not clear why she is the way she is but what is known is that like her twin sister she is a hacker whose skills could use a lot of work.

Black Dragon - Once known as the famous Immortal Dragon in Twilight Tower. Now he has become nothing more than a pawn of the guild to deal with minor problems that may arise.

Thanks to Hexatona for the title image.


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  • NPCs and Loot Items based off of RMN Members

Latest Blog

Twilight Tower [Demo]

It is finally done. The demo for Twilight Tower is now up for download. Take note that there are two versions one with the RTP installed and one without. If you have the RTP for VX Ace then you should download the version without RTP. If you do not know what RTP is or have never played a game made in RPG Maker, then you should probably download the version with RTP.

Note: When uploading these files I noticed I had forgotten to add in dialogue for the tutorial on skills. In the version without RTP, I was able to fix this however I did not want to waste space and time uploading another RTP version for just a small bit of dialogue. So, I apologize about that. Below is the dialogue that takes place.

Luna: "Some skills in the game have a warm up and cool down function seen as the number of turns which is followed by WU for warm up or CD for cooldown. Skills can also have a limited number of uses during battle as well so make sure you pay attention when you use your skills/magic."

After looking back at the text in-game I realized I have miss typed. It will be fixed in the final version.



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I saw a screenshot in the screenshot thread and was reminded that I did not subscribe to this game the first time around. So I am subscribing now! Looks cute.
Well, thank you! :D Means a lot. <3 I hope this time I will actually finish the game.
So this is the game bedrians came from, isn't it?
Anyway, subscribed.
Double, sorry. My connection sucks.
Haha it seems so. It looks like the Bedrians are going to be a real thing.
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