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Three adventurers -- a dancer, warrior and magician -- travel to an island off the coast of a prominent city to investigate the reports of a warlock trying to invoke evil powers in a grand ritual. A simple story, but that's the way it goes in many a fantasy world. Take control of Tawny, Zeke and Carol on their big break as adventurers, and try not to get them killed the first day on the job, savvy?


* Progress from first to fifth level, with a skill learned every odd level
* Challenging gameplay where decisive action and MP/item management will win the day
* Learn of the game world from a narration-based series of dialogue as you play through the isle
* Simple equipment system, where accessories make up much of the stat boosts
* Swing through swift-running battles using Yanfly's battle engine

* Pandamaru's battler edits
* Yanfly's scripts
* Makapri's character sprites and face portraits
* Kaduki's icons

Latest Blog

Game Uploaded!

Hey folks! Got the game uploaded. Hoping that it doesn't suck as bad for a first completed project as I might fear, heh. If any help or advice is needed on it, or if any bug fixes or suggestions for improvements come to mind, feel free to let me know.


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I shall give this game a go soon, as it reminds of where I came from haha.
Heyy this is your game. I didn't realize it at first. It was pretty good for a short game, I liked the treasure chest text and the battles were a good level of challenge. :3
Mixing random encounters with visible encounters is a big no-no.
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