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The Perfect Sequel Doesn't Exi-

  • Frogge
  • 06/18/2019 02:01 PM

Eat a Cact2s by Muffle
Length: ~30 minutes

Same energy as "Courage, you know I can't hear you without my glasses!"

Okay I'm gonna be honest with you I really wasn't sure if I should review this or not because I don't really have much to say about it, but I guess my review of the first game was really rushed and half assed too, so why not (plus, why would I pass up on the oppurtunity to get 50 makerscore by writing a couple words about a game I played?). Besides, I've been promising Muffle I'd play this since the day it released and the third game is literally out now. Oops.

That being said, Eat a Cactus was actually the first game I reviewed with the review format I do now, with the game screenshot at the top, the developer and game name, the length et cetera, so it has a special place in my heart. That and probably the fact that it's going to be the only game ever to actually take inspiration from something I've made.

I do think I was a bit too generous when scoring that game. I gave it a 4 because I thought it was better than Muffle's other games I had played hence I would probably be better off giving it a higher score, though looking back I feel a 3.5 would have been more accurate. Oh well, I'll just give that to this game instead. Do keep in mind I don't think one game was actually better than the other - if you liked the first game, you'll probably like this about exactly as much. It's longer and the jokes are consistently better (the first one had a few hit and miss ones) but other than that it's not majorly different.

Not much to say here I haven't already said. It's okay visually, though it has its flaws at times. The amount of passability and graphical issues have been reduced since the previous game, but a lot of them are still present. It's still kind of unpolished, but it's a birthday game so whatever. There was only one major bug I discovered which happened when I was leaving the Welp house during the afternoon and it suddenly turned into morning again. Luckily entering a different building and leaving fixed it.


As far as the jokes go, there's a whole good bunch. The epilogue with the marriage in particular was pretty much a perfect ending. I like that you're playing as Ozzy this time around, and this game actually picks up right where Eat a Cactus 1 left off. Well, mostly. I guess the only consistency error would be the fact that Muffle's not in the Bart hell in this one. Otherwise a lot of the jokes actually tie in to the first game which is pretty neat. It truly feels like every joke got a sequel of its own.

It's about twice as long as the first game, and gameplay wise it's a little more annoying. There's basically one really really long fetch quest you have to do, and then there's another shorter one after that. It does assure that every RMN member plays a role in the story somehow, which is quite nice, but can be a bit tedius at times. Finding Romeo in particular gave me a lot of trouble. I was also quite frustrated near the end when I had to fix Delsin's name and it refused to accept all uppercase which had me confused for a good while. Ozzy also walked so fast that it was hard to get him to go where you wanted him to. It was funny at first when it happened, but got annoying pretty quickly. Perhaps if holding shift slowed you down instead of speeding you up it would have been fine. There is one minor change I like, which is that holding shift no longer skips the text.

But yeah, as a sequel to the first game, it's perfectly fine. It follows the necessary guidelines that make me enjoy a sequel, and it even expands on the original. If you liked the first, give it a go. If you didn't, I doubt this will change your mind. I give Eat a Cact2s three and a half cacti out of five (which is more than there were in this entire game, interestingly! Oh yeah, forgot to mention this game actually has neither eating nor cacti. I call false advertisement!)

Jokes on you, I ONLY drink my coffee cold! 0/10 too inaccurate