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Brummwiesel is about to get lost in a place that combines reality and dream.
What is this world and how did he get there? Can you help him?

Nothing's unusual. Nothing's spectacular. You could say that Brummwiesel stagnates. He lives a life that he doesn't desire but can't escape, either. Everyday life makes him a container for emotions that he needs to hold back. Just when he realizes that he can't go on like this any longer, he finds himself in a strange world that is not too far from reality. But is this still reality? Brummwiesel will need to find out soon, because his stay here seems to be limited. In this foreign world, Brummwiesel travels everyday. He's on the journey of his life.
Lastly, everything's unusual. Everything's spectacular. Nothing's right!


• Join Brummwiesel on his journey through an unreal world which pushes him and his friends to their limits!

• Complete levels by collecting balls to move on, and learn about the story behind the four friends' journey!

• Become stronger and rebel against a world which threatens to swallow the consciousness of everyone!

• Find the truth behind a story of dark and bright!


Hover | Invisibility | Mind control | Sprint

• Enjoy a genre mix that combines RPG, skill and puzzle
• Play on easy, normal oder difficult
• Get to know more than 13 different levels
• Switch between 4 different characters to play
• Use 4 abilities to overcome obstacles
• Improve and level up your characters
• Fight enemies within action battle system
• Become a fight expert in dungeons and boss battles



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Latest Blog

Steam Greenlight

Dark and Bright is almost finished and currently undergoes the voting process of Steam Greenlight to make its way onto Steam. If you want to support the game and have a Steam account, please consider giving it a YES on Steam Greenlight. Your support means a lot to me and ensures that the game will reach a wide audience. Thank you! :)

  • Production
  • Commercial
  • Rinober
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 12/22/2016 10:59 PM
  • 04/01/2017 12:17 PM
  • 03/30/2017
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