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"You know what? Screw all of you with your charms, I'm out of here."

"This time, Kisaragi Academy will be all dead before the clock chimes. Hehe." -- Sachiko.

It was 20 years later after the incident occurred in Kisaragi Academy. When a full class of students fell prey to the wretched walls of Heavenly Host, only four made it out alive.

Or so they thought.

Emi, the class rep of Class 2-9 of Byakudan Senior High School stood proudly by her classmates as they huddled, and listened to her tell the ghostly story of Heavenly Host Elementary School.

But when they realize that not all is that it seems, the two schools must fight for survival, and realize the problem surrounding them.

What problem you may ask?

Corpse Party -insanity- is a game created by Illusionous and based on the Corpse Party series, the story follows a new class of characters and their journey through the crooked walls of Heavenly Host Elemenatary School. They will find ghosts, spirits, and other-worldly beings scouted around the place. The game does NOT follow the original story of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. Featuring Emi Urabe as the main protagonist, the students, as with most Corpse Party games, must fight their way to survival, following a decently good new cast of characters, Corpse Party -infinity is crazier and less deceptive than ever before.

One night, Class 2-7 of Byakudan Junior High School settled on a cultural festival after school, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, for them, with their doomed grades, and otherwise worse behavior, they all sat down in a circle, and Emi, the class rep, began to recite the newly found charm of Sachiko Ever After. If only they knew of the consequences.

The project, is going to be solely developed by Illusionous, to put it in a more forward way, me, and I will be using assets from the original game and my own assets to create a new breath of air into the game, with new mechanics, and a new story, who knows what there is to discover... except.

If only death wasn't right around the corner.

Latest Blog

On Hiatus.

As you may know, I'm currently in my 2nd year in comprehensive school, and to be honest, I really need to be opening on my work. Now, there may be an update or two but Corpse Party -insanity- will be on hiatus for a while.

This does not mean other projects will not be developed but at the moment I feel that I need to take a little break.
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Just put where all can download it... NOT that what Inet exp/google chorme not allowed :(
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